Your Complete Wedding and Honeymoon Planning Checklist

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A honeymoon is the most exciting and memorable part of a wedding celebration.

After months of stressful wedding planning, the honeymoon offers newlyweds a chance to relax, spend quality time together, and celebrate their marriage.

Crafting the perfect honeymoon takes thought and preparation to create an experience you'll cherish forever.

Planning a honeymoon may seem daunting, but breaking it down into manageable steps makes it more accessible.

Determine your budget, pick a dream destination, book travel, and hotels, build an itinerary tailored to your interests, get documents in order, arrange transportation, pack strategically, and prepare to make priceless memories.

You can craft your ideal, romantic honeymoon with careful planning and attention to detail.

The honeymoon sets the tone for your new life together. Investing time into planning a meaningful, enjoyable honeymoon is worth the effort.

This guide covers every aspect of crafting the perfect honeymoon plan and packing list to start your marriage on the right foot with a trip you'll never forget.

1. Set Your Honeymoon Budget

Determining your honeymoon budget is one of the most important steps when planning this memorable trip. 

It's recommended to allocate 10-15% of your wedding budget to the honeymoon. 

This allows you to splurge on a dream destination and accommodations after months of careful wedding planning and expenses.

Additional savings just for the honeymoon are also wise. Open a separate honeymoon fund early in your wedding planning and contribute regularly to build up a nice amount.

Every little bit helps when booking flights, hotels, tours, and creating unique experiences. A precise budget number helps guide decision-making when selecting a destination and travel dates.

Comparing locations and travel seasons is key for cost savings.

Opting for a domestic U.S. beach vacation over Europe in peak summer can significantly reduce expenses.

Traveling in shoulder seasons with pleasant weather but smaller crowds leads to lower airfare and hotel rates. Before deciding, run budget estimates for your top destination ideas.

One crucial aspect to consider when budgeting for your honeymoon is health. 

Insurance can protect you from unexpected expenses due to trip cancellations, medical emergencies, lost luggage, and other unforeseen circumstances. 

Including insurance for long-term travel in your budget ensures peace of mind and financial protection, allowing you to enjoy your honeymoon without worrying about potential mishaps.

2. Choose Your Destination

Choosing where to honeymoon is one of the most exciting parts of planning your trip!

Consider the following when deciding on a destination:

Popular Honeymoon Spots

Some ever-popular honeymoon destinations include Hawaii, the Caribbean, Italy, France, Bora Bora, Santorini, the Maldives, Costa Rica, and tropical beaches in Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.

These spots offer stunning scenery, luxury resorts, fine dining, spas, and romantic ambiance.


Think about the climate you'd enjoy during your honeymoon.

Do you want warm beach weather, mountain adventures, or the opportunity to experience new seasons and climates?

Popular tropical spots offer warm weather year-round, while European destinations provide seasonal variety.


What do you want to do on your honeymoon?

Relax on the beach and get massages? Go hiking, snorkeling, or skiing? Take a cooking class? Tour museums and historical sites?

Prioritize activities you both enjoy.


Immerse yourself in a new culture and cuisine on your honeymoon.

Japan, Morocco, Peru, and Kenya offer once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences. If this is your first time traveling internationally, choose somewhere easy to navigate.

Ease of Travel

Avoid destinations requiring extensive travel time, difficult transportation, or safety concerns for a stress-free honeymoon.

If desired, look for direct flights, established infrastructure, and minimal language barriers.

When deciding where to honeymoon, consider your budget, travel style, bucket list dreams, and shared interests, the destination should reflect what matters most to you as a couple.

3. Book Flights and Accommodation

Booking flights and accommodation is often one of the most significant expenses for a honeymoon.

Here are some tips for finding deals and deciding between all-inclusive packages or independent booking:

Tips for Finding Deals on Flights and Hotels

  • Use flight search engines like Google Flights and Skyscanner to compare airline prices and dates. Being flexible on travel dates can save hundreds of dollars.

  • Sign up for fare alerts from airlines and sites like Scott's Cheap Flights to get notifications on flight deals.

  • Consider flying budget airlines if they serve your destination. Just be aware of the extra fees.

  • Book at least 2-3 months in advance for the best rates on flights and hotels. Last-minute bookings are much more expensive.

  • You can check hotel rates directly or on sites like,, and Expedia. Compare to find the best deal.

  • Look into hotel price matching policies - some will match a lower rate you find elsewhere.

  • Join hotel loyalty programs for free nights, discounts, room upgrades, and other perks.

  • Consider traveling slightly outside of peak tourist season when prices are lower.

All-Inclusive vs. Independent Booking

All-inclusive resort packages bundle lodging, meals, drinks, activities, and more for one price.

Independent booking allows you to choose flights, hotels, transportation, etc, separately.

Here's a comparison:

  • All-inclusive simplifies planning and includes most costs upfront. However, they limit flexibility and exploration.

  • Independently booking allows you to customize locations, hotels, and activities. But takes more time and effort.

  • All-inclusive may be best for beach vacations where you don't plan to leave the resort much. Independent works for active sightseeing.

  • Look at what's included - some all-inclusive amenities like alcohol and water sports can add up quickly otherwise.

  • Consider your priorities - all-inclusive emphasizes convenience, while independent focus on flexibility.

No matter which option you choose, read reviews thoroughly before booking. This will help you select the best flights, hotels, and packages for your perfect honeymoon!

In addition to these tips, consider purchasing one-way travel insurance if you plan a trip without a return date.

This type of insurance covers you for unexpected events during your journey, providing peace of mind and financial protection.

4. Create an Itinerary

Your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind after the stress of wedding planning.

However, you'll also want to experience your destination's unique sights and activities. Finding the right balance is key.

Plan 1-2 daily activities so you have plenty of time to lounge on the beach or sleep in, if you prefer.

Look into any must-see attractions or experiences unique to the region. For example, take a romantic sunset sail, get couples massages at a luxury spa, or go on a guided hike to see wildlife.

Avoid overplanning every moment. Leave room for spontaneity!

Wandering through a local market, stumbling upon a cafe, or chatting with locals can lead to delightful surprises.

Feel free to do only some of it. Focus on quality time together rather than rushing from place to place.

The itinerary sets the framework but remains flexible. Be open to going off-plan if you find something enticing or need rest.

Your honeymoon should feel relaxed, not regimented.

Most importantly, do what makes you both happy!