Why Repair Your Foundation Before Moving To A New Home?

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Have you checked the foundation of your new home or office?

If you haven't already, check them right away, as the foundation is the base that holds your home's weight altogether.

It's exciting to move to a new place, but if your foundation is deteriorating, you may face problems after you have moved in, so check your foundation and plan its repairs before it's too late! 

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How to prepare your foundation for repair works?

You need to prepare your home before repairing your damaged foundation. Indeed, you need to put in some effort, but it's all worth the struggle.

Follow these steps before foundation repair to prevent damage to your possessions. 

  • Move objects like trash bags, ladders, plants, power tools, and lawn machines away from your foundation.
  • Also, remove your precious items and fragile objects like picture frames and vases and place them in a safe place.
  • Cover up all your furniture and fixtures to avoid dust accumulation.
  • When your foundation repair involves interior underpinnings, you need to remove the rugs and carpet to avoid damage. 
  • If your foundation has electric wires running down the foundation area, remember to disconnect them temporarily to avoid shocks.

Once you finish preparing your affected area, you can then move on with the repair work. At times, you may face a dilemma about whether to replace them or repair them.

While sometimes, it can be beneficial for you to repair the foundation, other times, you may need a replacement as well. 

What are the major and minor foundation problems?

Sometimes, you may prominently figure that your foundation is at risk, while there can be subtle signs of damage that may not be spotted easily.

So, do you feel that your doors and windows do not lock as they used to?

What about your constant allergies and unexplained skin irritation that occur repeatedly?

While you may not always relate these problems to foundation damage, they may be signaling an issue in your home's foundation. 

Explore a list of issues that you might face, ranging from major to minor problems.

Minor foundation issues

Some foundation problems are easy to fix and may be observed after a few years of your home construction.

You may observe problems like hairline cracks and malfunctioning doors and window locks. You can address these issues easily by doing some minor cosmetic repairs or realigning the doors and windows.

Hairline cracks can be formed when the concrete is very dry or your foundation is settling post-construction.

These cracks ruin your home's beauty, but you can fix them using sealants and apply a layer of pain to get back a beautiful wall or ceiling once again. 

Major foundation issues

While minor issues do not require much intervention and can be resolved quickly, major foundation issues need major improvements.

Here is a list of major foundation problems that need your urgent attention, and prolonging repair works means that you are calling for a greater loss in the future. 

  • Sagging and uneven floors.
  • Damp, moldy, smelling basement or crawl space.
  • Out-of-square doors and windows.
  • Drainage issues.
  • Dislocated fixtures like drawers, chimneys, and cupboards.
  • Pest infestation.
  • Wall cracks.

For minor foundation problems, you can use D-I-Y measures, but for larger issues, you can appoint professionals to solve any of the major complications.

Some of the common foundation repair solutions are as mentioned: 

  • Underpinning foundation using steel, concrete, and helical piers.
  • Slabjacking involves uplifting foundations and filling up holes with cement, sand, and water.
  • Using materials like hydraulic cement, vinyl concrete, or polyurethane to seal cracks. 

How is foundation repair connected with moving services?

As your home's bedrock is your foundation, having a strong base is really important. So, moving to your new home demands an inspection of its foundation.

As you may easily forget about checking the foundation while moving your belongings to a new space, it's essential to prioritize it because ignoring small issues can be disastrous in the long run. 

So, once you have checked all the issues and repaired them as per their needs, you can start packing your essentials and plan your move accordingly.

If you can easily handle packing and unpacking your essentials easily, you can opt for D-I-Y options.

But if you are anxious about handling everything, you can hire professional moving companies to pack, unpack, and transport belongings to your new home. 

DIY moves are indeed cheaper than professional movers. For instance, hiring a rental truck is a good move to save money and an efficient plan if you want to travel shorter distances.

However, suppose you have to transport belongings that require greater physical strength.

In that case, the cost may never be your deciding factor as you may not want to indulge yourself in all the physical and mental stress throughout the moving journey and also the aftermath, which is tiresome days for weeks. 

If you are thinking of hiring moving services, here is a list of things to take into consideration.

Check for Google Reviews

Whenever you are searching for moving companies, check the company's reviews and choose reputable companies that have great positive reviews.

Reviews on the company's website help you to understand the company's services better. 

Insurance and credentials

You must check for the moving company's insurance and license for conducting such service.

If your moving service has insurance, you can be assured of getting compensation if your belongings are damaged in the moving process.

While some companies cover up full value of your belongings and replace them in case of damage, some may cover partially, so discuss with your moving service provider before choosing them. 


Choose those companies that have high expertise in the industry and those that are great at handling your precious essentials and fragile items.

Highly experienced companies can develop strategies well so that your belongings are safely and efficiently transported to your preferred destination. 

Great Customer Service

You can tell a lot about the moving business by their approaching style. Good moving companies are highly responsive to your queries and have transparent pricing and credentials.

So, choose those companies that serve you well and do not leave you astray at crucial moments while moving your belongings. 

Transparent Price

One of the deciding factors of moving companies is the cost associated with it.

Never settle down with the first moving service that you come across; instead, get price quotations from multiple ones and understand the pricing structure and hidden charges, if any.

Some companies may give you low-price quotations initially and may charge you high prices in the end.