Why Holistic Interior Design is the Future of the Industry

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With the internet and social media, sourcing products and inspiration for interior design projects has never been easier.

By following influencers they like, the general public can now easily copycat their homes and create their own versions of perfect Instagram feeds, one closely resembling another.

Having this in mind, someone might get scared for the future of the industry, but actually, this is great news for us.

Picture-perfect interiors and beautiful decor flat lays have nothing to do with the actual design experience.

A nice image speaks about form and function but doesn’t necessarily mean a high quality of life and improved well-being of the ones living in such space.

Why Holistic Interior Design is the Future of the Industry - SampleBoard Blog

When did we stop designing for the experience and focus only on what meets the eye?

I’m talking about the mainstream here, so if you don’t recognize yourself in this question you are going to love our today’s topic. However, if you do, you absolutely need to read this!

Holistic Design is not just a fancy buzzword. It is the future of the industry!

In the never-ending race for profit, interior trends are now seen as similar to fashion - they are becoming seasonal and date incredibly fast.

No one can catch up with them anymore even if they want, which puts a lot of pressure on people who are more susceptible to following trends than others.

It is our duty as design professionals to change the narrative. The client is always right, but what if the clients don’t know they could do so much better than custom-made get-the-look kind of copycatting?

Why Holistic Interior Design is the Future of the Industry - SampleBoard Blog

Don’t get me wrong, I love trends! I enjoy spotting them while in their roots.

I get so excited over-analyzing why they’ve emerged and forecasting their development for the seasons to come (you can read about this here).

I obsess over making trend mood boards and can’t say I didn’t fall for millennial pink and introduced it into my house.

I’m not virtue signaling. Trends are fun! Trends are inspiring! What I’m trying to say here is that they are not enough.

Design is not just how something looks like. It’s also how it feels like and how it works for you. And this cannot be overstated.

The devastating data about the time we spend indoors (going up to 90% in modern societies) screams the importance of rethinking our responsibility and contribution to the quality of lives of our clients and their families.

We could do so much more to support them in living their best lives and help them heal and thrive in their homes.

Transform your process!

We are all on the clock and constantly pressured to deliver more in a very short time. It is not just how interior designers operate, it is how society breathes.

This is not only frustrating, it is pushing us towards more mediocre work and holding back our design potential.

Our projects are becoming milestones, not journeys of discovery and striving for higher states of well-being for those who will spend their time in the spaces we create.

Why Holistic Interior Design is the Future of the Industry - SampleBoard Blog

Don’t start with the images of interiors your clients love

Start with the clients. Get to know them. How they use their space. What are their habits? What are their needs? How would they like to feel in each particular room?

What would they like to express on a deeper level? Everyone deserves an eco-friendly, life-supporting home that best reflects their vision and makes them feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Holistic design can do just that! By interconnecting and balancing the mind, the body, and the spirit we can create spaces that help us flourish!

Beautiful designs nurture our minds and vision. Functional spaces with a seamless flow support our bodies and lifestyles.

The easiest way to lift the spirits is by creating tailor-made design concepts suited to both the space and its inhabitants, helping them express themselves on a higher level than just aesthetic preferences.

If you want to embrace holistic interior design, clear acrylic from cut plastic sheeting can be used to your advantage in a number of ways. 

The holistic design applies many practices heavily dependent on scientific studies and methods while focusing on research, technology, and innovative design approaches.

It is the direction we need to take in order to evolve as both the industry and the society. Designing spaces cannot be just the decor.

Interiors need to support us in living comfortably and stress-free while interconnecting our visual, physical, and emotional needs.

And to be able to do this we need to dig much deeper than pure aesthetics. The road is long ahead of us. But the adventure is promised!

Why Holistic Interior Design is the Future of the Industry - SampleBoard Blog
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