Why Does Leather Furniture Peel?

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When choosing new furniture for your home, you may have previously shied away from leather. There’s a big misconception that leather furniture peels, making it not only more expensive but more easily damaged.

However, what you should know is that genuine leather can last for decades. You will need to care for it to avoid a cracked or peeled appearance, though this care involves minimal effort on your part.

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What Causes Leather Peeling and Cracking?

Leather is made from animal skin, and this material will require you to maintain and moisturize it on a regular basis. If you don’t take proper care of it, it will eventually crack and peel. Avoiding this problem is as easy as using the right cleaner and conditioner. When you buy your leather furniture from an authentic leather retailer, they will provide the details on what you should and shouldn’t use.

Another thing that can lead to the destruction of this beautiful material is a lack of humidity. In Florida, the climate provides naturally humid surroundings. Still, it’s important for you to do your part to ensure that you protect your investment in your leather furniture.

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Beware of Sealants and Cheap Leather Alternatives

If you own leather furniture and see it cracking, it is more than likely the finish or sealant on the surface is to blame. This can also happen when you use the wrong products to clean your furniture. Plenty of people have mistakenly used baby wipes to clean off the surface of their leather furniture only to discover that, despite being safe for the gentle skin of an infant, the chemicals in them can remove the topcoat.

Poor-quality leather is far more likely to crack compared to high-quality top grain leather. You must be careful not to buy leather furniture made from bonded leather. Bonded leather is merely a cheap alternative, and the low price should clue you in that it’s not real leather.

Bonded leather is created with scraps of recycled leather, then stuck together, or bonded, with strong adhesive before being attached with polyurethane. In a furniture showroom, you can spot this imposter by the price tag and by sitting on the furniture itself. Bonded leather isn’t as elastic, and you may notice this as you try out the cushions.

Fake leather can also be discovered by flipping the cushions and looking for seams. Leather must be stitched together to craft large furniture items like sofas. The backside will never be finished either, allowing you to easily see if this furniture is real leather or not.

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How to Maintain Leather Furniture

The key to maintaining your leather furniture so it remains in a supple state is to use the right products. When you buy real leather furniture, the furniture store will likely tell you what you should use to clean and condition it.

You should also refrain from drawing too much humidity out of your home. If it’s too dry inside, it can impact your leather furniture’s look and feel. Following these tips, you should have no trouble making your leather furniture last for decades to come.

Where to Buy Leather Furniture That Doesn’t Peel

If you want to avoid buying fake leather furniture, it’s best that you seek out a genuine leather furniture store. You’ll then be able to buy quality pieces for your home with full peace of mind, along with getting expert care instructions to ensure your leather furniture looks immaculate throughout the years.

While there are many furniture stores, sticking with one that only carries authentic leather is the surest way to avoid problems.