Which Themes Lend Themselves Best To A Sustainable Wedding?

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Your wedding is a chance to create a day that celebrates your love and commitment to your partner and showcases your taste and values as a couple.

It’s almost certainly one of the most important parties you’ll ever throw, marking a new chapter in your relationship and your new status as a married couple.

As such, you’ll want the theme and decor to be perfectly aligned with your taste. Fortunately, modern weddings can follow almost any style, with couples no longer restricted to just church celebrations.

But all of these choices can all too often lead to excess purchasing and late nights wondering if you’ve chosen the perfect shade of blue.

This soon adds up, with research suggesting that a single wedding generates 20 kg of plastic waste. In comparison, a sustainable wedding focuses on making considered decisions, reducing both waste and cost.

This doesn’t have to mean a simple wedding if you don’t want it to; rather you get the chance to create something unique.

But what themes work well with this sort of approach? Grab your wedding planning journal and let’s begin.

sustainable wedding
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Love the past? Want to incorporate some timeless elegance into your big day?

Then a vintage wedding might be the one for you. Think proper silver cutlery, cloth napkins, fabric tablecloths, and plenty of calligraphy. 

With a bit of effort, this look is easy to achieve. Simply search in second-hand stores, online, or even ask family and friends for historic pieces to add to your decor.

Alternatively, you may be able to rent proper plates and silverware, meaning that you don’t even have to worry about what to do with it after the day.

This look focuses on using things that already exist, rather than buying new ones, which is inherently better for the planet.

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Nature is at the heart of sustainability, so what better way to throw an eco-friendly wedding than with a rustic theme?

This concept is focused on decor that is more organic, natural, and relaxed, meaning that you can easily use repurposed materials to create your wedding look.

This aesthetic is cozy and comfortable, without being shabby – you want your guests to feel spontaneous rather than rigid, letting the conversation and the dancing flow.

This style best suits farm-to-table style dining, rather than formal plates. Think long tables with sharing dishes of hearty food, seasonally sourced from the local area – a far more sustainable choice.

If you and your husband or wife-to-be consider yourself foodies, this is the perfect way to celebrate your nuptials with the meal of your dreams.

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Garden party

Want to keep your wedding celebration intimate, rather than throwing a huge party? Why not consider hosting your big day in the garden

Having a garden party (or even just a garden party theme) allows you to create a day without the pressure that a formal celebration can sometimes create.

You can relax and be yourselves, rather than feeling like you’re on display – you’re simply enjoying your day with your nearest and dearest.

This style can also be a great choice if you have children, or if there are plenty of little ones on your guestlist; your friends can enjoy a glass of wine in the sun without having to worry that their children are putting dessert-covered fingers on white tablecloths. 

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From a sustainability standpoint, garden weddings can often be the most eco-friendly. You’re more likely to use decor you already have in your home or rent it.

Friends who live locally may be able to carpool or even walk to your home. Food can be packaged up afterward and sent home with guests or saved for leftovers, reducing food waste.

Plus, your guests can simply wear something nice that they already have in their wardrobe, rather than buying yet another occasion dress for the sake of formality.

Better for their wallets, and better for the planet.