What Are The Bathroom Trends In 2023?

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Ready for a bathroom remodel in 2023? The last few years have been full of stressful events, which may be why bathrooms are becoming places of refuge.

The biggest of these trends involves cultivating your ultimate relaxation to turn this room into a serene retreat in your home rather than just a place where certain tasks are handled.

It’s a trend that has been in the making for the last few years, with clean lines and natural colors reigning supreme.

However, the biggest shift is the change in how bathrooms are viewed. Instead of just a room for bathing and grooming, it has become much more.

Bathroom trends for 2023 are making this space all about your comfort. Here are the emerging trends to consider for your bathroom.

Massive Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers are nothing new, but larger designs are helping homeowners upgrade their showers. More space to allow for two people at once, shower seats, multiple shower heads, and zero-entry designs are among the top walk-in shower trends.

In addition to being larger, walk-in showers incorporate natural light when possible or use accent lighting. They are also adorned with high-end finishes and stunning wall tiles.

Built-in tubs are often removed to make room for walk-in showers. Modern standalone tubs are still quite popular, but homeowners with built-in tubs can reclaim the space.

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Spa Vibes

Bathrooms are increasingly becoming a place to relax and perform self-care. Personalization of your needs is key, which means you may favor a rainfall-style shower while others may prefer standalone soaking tubs.

Steam showers have also increased in popularity, along with open shelving to store rolled towels, dimmable lighting, and adding greenery for a luxury spa feel right at home.

Wooden Vanities

Instead of vanities painted in white and other hues, natural wood is taking over. It ties in perfectly with the spa motif of 2023 bathrooms, adding a modern yet organic touch.

It’s also geared towards the move to increased sustainability while incorporating a wellness-focused experience.

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Technology-Infused Elements

As bathrooms become more of a place for serenity, smart technology allows homeowners to take control effortlessly.

Faucets with motion sensors, voice-controlled lighting, and smart showers that have your personalized settings programmed in all elevate the luxury in your bathroom for a seamlessly convenient way to enjoy comfort.

Exciting Bathroom Accents

Spa-style bathrooms are what’s hot in 2023. However, that doesn’t mean the entire aesthetic is muted throughout the room.

Serene and calm spaces can also do with a pop of a fascinating focal point, such as geometric shapes for shower tiling, bright punches of color, patterned drapery, and unique accessories residing upon the shelving.

The greater attention to detail can be seen in colored sinks and toilets, marble-handled plumbing fixtures, and even types of tiles, such as terrazzo, that add more texture.

For a Miami bathroom remodel in particular, you can add dimension to your space through unique cabinet hardware, tile, mirrors, and lighting.

If you’re not sure about a bathroom accent and have had it in there for years, using textiles such as towels and throw rugs can help accentuate your new bathroom features and evolve with the trends that appear in later years.

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Ultimately, your bathroom remodels should help you create a place that brings you peace and comfort.

Whether it involves all of these 2023 trends or only some of them, you can rest assured that you’ll be adding value to your home that aligns with your style.

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