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Throwing an Outdoor Bridal Shower
 by Paisley Hansen

Soon-to-be brides across the country are looking for ways to make their weddings and wedding activities beautiful and unique. Whether the bride knows about her shower or not, knowing some tips for outdoor showers can help to make a celebration she'll always remember.

Location Considerations

Indoor showers are often a bit easier to plan since you don't have too many types of options. With outdoor showers, you could choose a backyard, local park, outdoor location at a restaurant, beach, deck, outdoor bar or other establishment. The number of people expected to attend is a major determining factor. You must select a place that has enough room for the guests to sit comfortably. Consider the travel time for the bride and immediate family members too; they should not have to travel an absurd distance to be able to attend and participate in the bridal shower. This is especially true for a surprise as the bride could grow suspicious as to the motivation for the journey.

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Indoor Back-Up Plans

While the bride likely has visions of a stunning outdoor shower with all the trimmings, you and the other planners must devise a back-up plan. If the party is at someone's house or a restaurant, find out if you will be able to move inside in the event of inclement weather. For events that are at entirely outdoor venues, you will probably need to have a back-up venue. Asking guests to attend only to cancel the event because of weather is not fair to them.

Appropriate Themes

Plenty of showers are themed these days, and if the bride wants one, you should infuse elements of the outdoors into it. For example, paint a barn door with a greeting sign for a country themed event, or pass out seashells as placecards for a shower that is taking place at the beach. The entire theme does not have to be based around nature, however. You could host a wine and cheese bridal shower where guests are able to sample a number of the brides favorite blends from local vineyards along with some tasty accouterments.

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Classy Event

Part of the problem with outdoor showers is that they can become overly casual. For a bride who emulates this style, you don't need to go too formal. However, remember that the comfort of your guests is necessary. Be sure to rent comfortable chairs and tables with umbrellas in them to block out the potentially harsh rays of the sun. Furthermore, work to ensure that indoor restrooms are available. Outside toilets can become unsanitary, especially if they are shared with another party. They can also be very difficult for elderly or ill relatives and friends to get in or out of.

Surprising The Bride

For some, surprising the bride is not a part of the shower traditions, but for others, it is the center of the event. Throwing a surprise party is a bit more difficult when individuals are outside and not as concealed as they could be at a restaurant or catering hall, so you'll need to be a little bit craft. If the bride can walk in from behind a fence, the situation is optimal. Otherwise, you may need to move the surprise to the entrance of the establishment, and then all of the guests can escort the bride to the spot where the party is to be held.

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An outdoor bridal shower is a truly beautiful way to honor a soon-to-be bride who is in-touch with nature and loves spending time in it, so putting the appropriate time and attention into the celebration pays homage to her.

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