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Setting the scene for a Vintage 1930s Wedding Theme

During the mid 1930s tight fitting flowing bridal gowns in slippery high sheen fabrics were popular. Dresses were often made of satins in silk or rayon. The most used colors were ivory, cream, pinkish white or pale blue white. The gowns were imitations of the glamorous evening dresses worn by Hollywood movie star.

High sheen fabrics in ivory, cream pinkish white

Cowl necklines, curved trains with long medieval sleeves were the main features of the dresses. The Bridesmaids often wore similar styles with Juliet caps and large bouquets of roses completing the picture. The bride sometimes carried a small handbag instead of a bouquet. Although roses were popular at the time the most popular flowers were the Madonna lily. Silver fox was the favorite fur.

Medieval style sleeves, Madonna Lilies, silver fox fur

Royal and society weddings influenced wedding trends in the 30s just as they do today. Princess Marina of Greece married in 1934. Her dress was a sheath cut on the cross. She had wide hanging sleeves again creating the medieval look. The fabric was silver and white brocade.

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Royal weddings influenced wedding trends

Syrie Maugham’s famous white room style which ranged from, bright white, cream and beige would make an ideal setting a for 1930s themed wedding. Furniture lacquered or tubular steel, chrome or metal plating with textured wallpapers in off white decorated early 1930s rooms. Mirrors and mirrored screens add shimmer and shine.

White interiors with mirrors, lacquered, steel, chrome furniture

White vintage cars like the 1934 Auburn 851 would eco the glamorous era. The color schemes of the 1930s could also be repeated in the clothing or the decor. For example the usual colors cocoa brown with hyacinth blue, prune with turquoise or mustard yellow with grey.

Classic white car, cocoa brown, hyacinth blue, turquoise, mustard yellow and grey  

Eyebrows were plucked and penciled. Elizabeth Arden launched arrange of seven lipstick shades. Mascara and eye shadow came in four shades and eight shades of rouge became available. Suntans became fashionable to enhance the fashions particularly white swim suits and the satin dresses.

More make up choices available, suntans came into vogue 

Towards the end of the 1930s the movie Gone with the Wind helped speed up a Victorian revival in fashion. Dresses with high necklines, standup collars and padded shoulders with full skirts imitating fashions from the 1860s were becoming popular. But the movie released in 1939 saw lavish ball gowns the full skirts with crinolines panniers worn by Scarlet skyrocket in popularity. In wedding dresses bustles emphasized the hips and backs and long trains were attached from the center back. This style did not remain in fashion very long due to the world war of the 1940s.

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You can play around with your wedding theme ideas by creating mood boards. The wonderful thing is you can do it easily and quickly online at . There are hundreds of images of dress, cakes, flowers and a host of other things to help you create your dream vintage wedding. This great website also has loads of inspiration in blogs, articles and wedding mood boards posted by the creative community.

Late 1930s saw revival of 1860s Victorian fashion lavish ball gowns with full skirts  

The glamorous 1930s gave way to the drab 1940s. Even through the lavish ball gown wedding dress was for a limited time popular in the 30s the era is more known for the glamorous white satin and glitter of movie star style. Therefore a 1930s wedding theme with white figure hugging gowns, white cars, white Madonna lilies with lots of glitter and shine would be more authentic.

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