Wedding Favors: 2 have or not 2 have

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To have or not to have that is the question with regard to wedding favors. The first time I became familiar with wedding favors was when my brother married into an Italian family. The beautiful bride although born in Australia came from a very traditional Italian family. We have over the years been overwhelmed by the heartwarming hospitality of our Italian relatives. My husband just loves their home grown and homemade food. We are delighted to have been accepted and welcomed into the whole family. They just love us to death and we do them.

The giving of wedding favors started in Italy. Traditionally each guest is given five sugared almonds they are given to represent the mix of sweetness and bitterness in life. The almonds represent health, happiness, fertility, wealth and longevity. I must confess I just love almonds so my hubby has no chance I usually eat them all.

Thinking of Almonds makes me fondly remember one holiday when I was decidedly decadent my sister and I treated ourselves to too many cups of Almond tea and chocolates. Oh it is a heavenly mix.

Favors of all different sorts have become a big trend at weddings in recent years. It really does depend on your budget whether or not you want to include favors. The little gifts selected can be chosen to work with the style, theme and colors you have created for the big day. Sometimes the favors can be personalized with the guest’s name and double up as place cards. Some wedding planers/brides select different favors for males and females.

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There are numerous choices of wedding favors available today. Favor boxes in various colors and filled with a vast variety of chocolates, love hearts, colored jelly beans or biscuits. The list is endless and the boxes can be decorated with ribbons, feathers and flowers.

Candles can be used as part favor and part table decoration. Tea light candles are popular and can be personalized with the guests name and your wedding details. If cost is a big factor then using candles in this way can act as place card, table decoration and favor. In this way you get three wedding items in one.

Toiletries are a nice option; little soaps, bath confetti or miniature bottles of perfumes for the ladies and after shaves for the men would really go down well with your guests. Mini plant pots with a plant or packets of seeds would be a great option for a garden wedding. Sea shells maybe one large one with smaller shells would make a nice memento for a beach themed wedding.

Mini bottles of alcohol; bubbly, port, wine or whisky are always popular. Of course this sort of favor is not suitable for children. A wee goodie bag containing things like colored pencils, activity books or a wee cuddly toy would be a great idea for the children. You could include activities for the children for example a wedding quiz or a coloring in competition.

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If you want to keep the cost of favors down maybe an individual chocolate for each guest or a bowl of chocolates placed where guests can help themselves would be the best option. But if you are on a really tight budget you can forget about them altogether after all it is your wedding.

You can see from the concept boards of wedding favors in this blog the options are endless. There are many wedding favor and other wedding ideas in the library. You can easily visit the library by going to the ‘Create your own Sampleboard’ under the SampleBoard Links on the right. And you can have a wonderful time creating your own wedding theme and select an ideal favor.

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