Wedding Color and Theme Boards

Wedding inspiration boards can be created to show an option of different color choices. A wedding planner can create a number of color boards showing how different styles will look in different colors. These wedding inspiration boards can easily be created online at

Color Concept Board created by Rosena on

The wedding planner can then email the wedding inspiration boards directly to her client. Another option would be to use one board to show the various ideas. Wedding inspiration boards are a great way to express visual ideas.

A few wedding mood boards have been included here so you can get an idea of how professional looking wedding inspiration boards can be easily and quickly be created online at The old saying of 'blue and green should never be seen without a color in between' can be put to rest this season. Vibrate blue and green work brilliantly together and are a hot color and trendy choice this season.

Color Concept Board created by Rosena on

Wedding Inspiration Theme Boards    

If the client of a wedding planner is unsure as to what sort of theme to use for a wedding the wedding planner can create a number of wedding inspiration boards featuring different themes. The themes you can create online on the website are endless.

Wedding Theme Inspiration Board created by Rosena on

You have only to look at the wedding inspiration boards to get an idea of how to achieve this on the wonderful site You can play around with different themes and a mix of different themes until you come up with something special and unique.

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board created by Rosena on


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