Ways to Keep Your Home Warmer That You Probably Didn't Know About

Last Updated on March 26, 2024 by SampleBoard

Are you finding your house too cold? Even with the heating on, you might not be warm enough. It is good to stay warm at home.

You should feel cozy and healthy in your own home. Hence, it makes sense to tweak a few things so your home is cozier and warmer no matter the time of year.

Using this guide, you can find the best winter warmer tips for you to keep your house warm at all times. Most of which, you probably didn’t even know about!

A warm roof for the conservatory

Does your conservatory get cold? If so, it might be because of the roofing material.

Investing in warm roofs for your conservatory will enable you to use the space every day of the year. No matter if it’s cold outside, the space will stay warm and cozy.

It makes sense to invest in new structural features as these will always benefit the warmth of your home. 

Staying warm this winter can be possible if you make the structure more robust and better at regulating heat.

Use door draft stoppers for every door

To keep the air out and the warm air inside use door draft stoppers at the bottom of your doors. You can purchase them or create your own using fabric and filling like rice or beans.

Insulate windows with shrink film

Add a layer of insulation by applying shrink film to your windows. This transparent film is easy to install using a hairdryer. It can significantly reduce heat loss.

Adjust ceiling fans for better circulation

During the winter switch the direction of your ceiling fans to effectively circulate air. This tip is particularly helpful for rooms with ceilings.

Got a fan? Use this tip and see the difference.

Insulate outlets and switches

Prevent air from seeping in by installing foam gaskets behind outlets and light switches. These inexpensive gaskets are simple to install and can make a difference.

Utilize area rugs

If you have floors in certain areas consider placing area rugs on them. Not only do rugs add a layer of insulation but they also help keep your feet warm.

Close vents in rooms

If there are rooms that you rarely use close their vents to direct air into the frequently used spaces. They will let air in and make those spaces chilly if you don’t.

Opt for thicker drapes in your rooms

Invest in thick insulating drapes to retain warmth inside and keep out the air. Close them in the evening to trap heat and open them during the day to let in sunlight.

Insulate your water heater

Wrap your water heater with an insulating blanket to minimize heat loss. This can help reduce your energy expenses and maintain water for the duration.

Using this guide, you can find the best ways to keep your house warmer all year. You never need to worry about being cold or getting unwell at home again, yay!