How To Decorate A Boho Living Room With Rugs

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Do you know that you can change your living spaces' tone, appeal, and general aesthetics by allowing a collage of different ideas to come together in one piece?

We are discussing setting up the perfect bohemian ambiance at your home. 

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You are swamped with choices, but none seem to express your personality on a fundamental and quintessential level.

Instead of simply giving up or leaving things to chance, you might want to try a different approach. You do not need to be a master decorator to achieve this.

But as the quiet, boho type, you can change the narrative around your living room through simple décor tweaks.

Read on to learn how to bring your bohemian personality to life by using area rugs in your living room.

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Add Rug Layering

Unknown to many, rug layering may seem like doing too much or simply lacking the perfect décor inspiration. This could not be further from the truth.

It is, in fact, the case that rug layering adds a touch of class and personality to your living room. The exciting part is that there are no rules to this.

Layers of colorful boho rugs are added at one's discretion and can immediately turn an otherwise bland open space into a sketchbook.

As a boho-chic, it is an excellent way of expressing your artistic side subtly but elaborately. You do not only come off as simple but warm and playful simultaneously.

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Try Shag Area Rugs

Shag rugs have been around the block for as long as we can remember. They just don’t make it into conversations as much.

For the bohemian type trying to shake things up in your living, do not shy away from exploring shag rugs.

The beauty of shag rugs is that they are great at tying a room together while still drawing focus to themselves. They work best, especially when you only have a few furniture pieces to fill the room.

Using a shag rug will not only fill up space but enrich idle areas around the room. You may want to experiment with soft fiber shag rugs.

They add a touch of elegance while still maintaining that low-key bohemian vibe.

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Use Rugs Untraditionally

One neat little trick many people need to be made aware of is that there are no rules regarding rug placement. It is mainly about working with your innermost feelings.

Yes, area rugs are designed primarily for floor placement. But did you know you could also place area rugs on your walls?

In fact, a more significant percentage of rugs for sale than you think end up on places other than the floor! Placing area rugs on walls is a bold décor statement and shows you know what you are doing.

And for the boho-chic, it is an elaborate way of showing your rebellious streak without doing too much.

Nonetheless, if you still want to keep things conventional, you can try something else, like placing a diagonal rug in low-traffic areas in your living room. 

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Sheepskin Area Rugs Are a Thrill

Similar to shag rugs, sheepskin area rugs are the real deal if you want to create a boho-chic vibe in your living room. They are timeless décor pieces that work with any furniture type.

They are also oriental in appeal, sending off an aura of tradition and adventure. Not to mention that these bad boys are luxurious.

Interestingly, they are 100% made of sheepskin, which means they are durable and last long without withering.

Sheepskin rugs are great for many areas around the house, including bedrooms, studies, and even fireplaces. They can also be used on walls.

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Throw in a Few More Area Rugs

Lastly, you can try something unconventional to create a splash in your boho-chic interior. Have you ever thought about scattering a few small area rugs around different sections of your living area?

It is a neat little trick that looks like an afterthought but works magic every time. You do not need to make one area rug piece the center of attention.

You could even try complementing them with some funky door mats for an additional splash
of character.

Add two or more smaller rug pieces irregularly to other small but prominent areas around the living room for that extra twist. Then, watch your room transcend into a fresco of sorts.

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Get Your Boho-Chic Thing Going

We’ve just discussed 5 ways of using area rugs to decorate a boho-chic living room. Like all things bohemian, it is subject to personality differences and tastes.

You do not need to conform to any of these discussed above, as you can define a style that suits you. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to experiment and run wild with your imagination.

The stage is yours!

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