Update on how 2012 is trending according to international trend forecaster?

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According to Milou Ket a highly regarded international trend forecaster in a recent furnitureonline.com.au post we are looking for comfort, homeliness, cheer and warmth in our interior spaces. In a previous blog I mentioned interior design and happiness and how the newlyweds Dale and Sophie on the TV series The Block 2012 appear to have captured this in the rooms they have created.

Sample board created by Rosena on SampleBoard.com

This week the couple won the room reveal for their funky playful design. The child’s bedroom they created for the challenge house achieved a perfect 10 from every judge. I must admit this week I would have given first place to Dan and Dani for their bathroom and courtyard projects. Dale and Sophie’s room would make an ideal room for small children. They have placed synthetic grass and tables and chairs on the ceiling but how long would the novelty last? It could be a real problem when you want to change the design of the room. Dan and Dani’s bathroom and courtyards are up to date and unlikely to date quickly.

Sampleboard created by Rosena on SampleBoard.com

We finally watched the last of the block when it was repeated the next day. Wow what a result. It is amazing all the houses sold for such good prices at auction in this property climate. I have heard some homes in Melbourne are selling for less than they were purchased.

To continue some of Milou’s forecasts


  • Almost neon and fluorescent colours particularly in accessories (Example 1st sample board above)
  • The trend for recycled, retro and reclaimed will continue
  • Ethic design products will continue to be popular with warm colours dominating


  • Shades of red like: old rose, blush, lilac, raspberry fuchsia, red wine used with white or beige
  • Feminine, romantic, refined (Example 2nd Sample Board above)
  • Floral and lace
  • Classic French
  • Vintage, secondhand

Sample board created by Rosena  on SampleBoard.com


  • Botanical images
  • Homely products
  • Improvise, rethink and recycle (like Dale and Sophie)
  • New ways of growing plants in bags, bottles, pillows
  • Different shades of green, light lime, light olive, moss green, sea green, peacock, blue green, blue, midnight blue (Example 3rd sample board above)
  • Casual look

Light Neutrals

  • White, off white, soft yellow, beige, dusty rose, soft grey blue (Example 4th sample board below)
  • Small touches of dark brown, grey or black
  • Textural variation
  • Natural materials bamboo, cork, fur hide, leather

Sample board created by Rosena on SampleBoard.com

Milou Ket has a lot more to share she will be speaking at the International Industry Seminar Series at Decoration + Design in Melbourne on 19th July 2012. I hope to get there.

Author: Rosena MacFadzean for SampleBoard.com – concept creation online

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Want moodboarding tips, design trends & hot decor picks in your inbox?

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