Tropical Paradise: Choosing Exotic Flowers for Your Los Angeles Beach Wedding

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Los Angeles, with its sun-kissed beaches and balmy weather, is a dream destination for many couples planning their wedding.

The allure of a beach wedding in this vibrant city is undeniable - the crashing waves, the golden sand, and the possibility of a stunning sunset as a backdrop.

But what truly brings a beach wedding to life are the colors and fragrances of exotic flowers that blend seamlessly with the tropical paradise vibe.

In this post, we will explore how you can choose the perfect exotic flowers for your Los Angeles beach wedding, ensuring that your special day is as enchanting and memorable as you've always imagined.

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Selecting the Right Flowers

When selecting flowers for your beach wedding in Los Angeles, it's important to consider the setting and the climate.

Beach weddings often call for flowers that withstand the outdoor environment, especially the salty air and the warm temperatures.

With their hardy nature and vibrant colors, exotic flowers are an excellent choice. They add a tropical touch and are more likely to stay fresh throughout the ceremony and reception.

One of the first steps in choosing the right flowers is to connect with a fresh flower delivery service in LA. These services provide a wide range of exotic flowers suited to the unique Los Angeles climate and beach settings.

They can offer valuable insights into which flowers will work best for your wedding theme and provide guidance on seasonality and availability.

Orchids: A Symbol of Love and Beauty

Orchids are popular for beach weddings due to their delicate appearance and wide range of colors. They symbolize love, beauty, and strength, making them an ideal choice for a wedding.

Phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids, in particular, are great for bouquets, centerpieces, and even hair accessories.

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Birds of Paradise: Exotic and Dramatic

Consider incorporating Birds of Paradise into your floral arrangements for a bold and dramatic look.

With their striking appearance, these flowers resemble birds in flight and add an exotic flair to any setting. They are perfect for statement pieces or as part of a larger floral arrangement.

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Plumeria: The Scent of the Tropics

Plumeria, with its sweet fragrance and beautiful colors, is synonymous with the tropics.

These flowers are often used in Hawaiian leis and are known for their ability to evoke a sense of paradise. They can be used in bouquets, hair accessories, or even as a simple, elegant centerpiece.

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Hibiscus: The Quintessential Tropical Flower

No tropical wedding is complete without the hibiscus.

Known as the quintessential tropical flower, hibiscus comes in various vibrant colors and adds a lively, cheerful touch to your wedding décor. They can be used in various ways, from table centerpieces to bridal bouquets.

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Creating a Cohesive Look

Once you have selected your exotic flowers, the next step is to create a cohesive look that complements your beach setting and overall wedding theme.

This involves considering the color palette, the style of the arrangements, and how the flowers will integrate with other elements of your wedding.

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Color Palette

When selecting a color palette for your beach wedding, it's essential to take inspiration from the natural surroundings to create a harmonious and visually stunning effect.

The majestic blues of the Pacific Ocean can inspire a range of blue shades in your floral arrangements, from the deep hues of navy to the softer tones of sky blue.

These oceanic colors can be beautifully contrasted with the golden, sandy tones of the beach, providing a natural canvas that complements the vibrant colors of your flowers.

Incorporating vibrant colors like yellows, oranges, and reds can infuse warmth and energy into your wedding décor. Yellow, the color of sunshine, can add a cheerful and lively ambiance, perfect for a sunny beach setting.

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Oranges and corals can evoke the stunning hues of a beach sunset, creating a romantic and serene atmosphere. Reds can bring passion and intensity, adding a dramatic flair to your floral arrangements.

Consider adding purples and pinks to your color palette for a softer, more romantic vibe. Lilac and lavender hues can introduce a sense of calm and tranquility, perfect for a serene beachside ceremony.

Various shades of pink, from blush to fuchsia, can add a romantic and playful touch, symbolizing love and happiness.

These colors can beautifully complement the natural blues and greens of the ocean and foliage, creating a cohesive and enchanting color scheme.

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Style and Arrangement

The style and arrangement of your flowers play a crucial role in setting the tone for your beach wedding. For a relaxed, bohemian-style wedding, loose and organic floral arrangements can create a laid-back and natural feel.

These arrangements, often asymmetrical and free-flowing, can include a mix of exotic flowers and local greenery, reflecting the beauty of the natural beach environment.

They can be designed to appear as if they have been freshly picked and casually arranged, adding to the effortless charm of a boho-chic wedding.

For those seeking a more formal and elegant ambiance, structured bouquets and centerpieces are the way to go. These arrangements are meticulously crafted, with each flower and leaf placed with intention.

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Elegant calla lilies, classic roses, and exotic orchids can be arranged in tight, symmetrical designs, exuding sophistication and luxury. These arrangements can be accented with delicate ribbons or set in sophisticated vases to enhance the formal setting.

The size of the floral arrangements is also a key consideration. Large, dramatic pieces can act as focal points, drawing the eye and making a bold statement.

Think grand arches adorned with cascading flowers or tall, eye-catching centerpieces that command attention. On the other hand, smaller, more delicate arrangements can add a subtle elegance to your décor.

Petite bouquets, minimalist table arrangements, or simple floral accents can create a sense of intimacy and understated sophistication.

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Integration with Other Elements

Integrating your floral choices with other wedding elements is crucial for a cohesive and stunning aesthetic.

The flowers you select should harmonize with the natural setting and the broader theme and details of your wedding. This includes the attire of the bridal party, the table settings, and even the wedding cake.

For the bridal party's attire, consider how the colors and styles of the bouquets will complement the dresses and suits.

For example, if the bridesmaids wear soft pastel dresses, bouquets with bolder hues can create a beautiful contrast while aligning with the overall color scheme.

Similarly, the groomsmen's boutonnieres can be designed to echo the flowers in the bridal bouquet, creating a subtle yet striking connection.

Your floral choices can also enhance the table settings at your reception. Centerpieces should complement the linens, cutlery, and tableware, creating a harmonious dining experience.

Whether you're going for a rustic, vintage, or modern look, the flowers can be styled to accentuate the table décor. Additionally, consider how the flowers can be incorporated into the design of your wedding cake.

Floral cake toppers or cascading blooms down the tiers of the cake can turn it into a stunning centerpiece that echoes the beauty of your floral theme.


Choosing exotic flowers for your Los Angeles beach wedding is about more than just aesthetics; it's about creating an atmosphere that reflects the beauty and spirit of your special day.

With the right selection of flowers and thoughtful integration into your wedding theme, you can transform your beach wedding into a tropical paradise.

Remember to consult with a professional florist or a fresh flower delivery service in LA to get the best advice and the freshest blooms for your big day.

Your wedding is a celebration of love and joy, and the right flowers will only enhance that celebration, leaving you and your guests with memories to cherish for a lifetime.