Trendspotting: Rattan is Back!


Having been popular in the 60s and 70s, rattan material is having a bit of a renaissance! Rattan exceeded its traditional role as a corner chair in the guest bedroom or as conservative patio furniture and has lately become a lovely addition to living rooms, dining rooms, dens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. Not only is it incredibly strong, sturdy and durable, but it’s also attractive and comfortable adding texture and dimension to a room. Due to its neutral appearance and the fact that it comes in practically every shape and size, from furniture to décor, rattan will accompany a wide range of looks, from boho to beachy and all the way to old country glamor.

Let’s entangle ourselves in rattan and explore some creative and stylish ways to implement it in our homes.  

Storage baskets

If you live in a small apartment and are in need of extra storage space, you should consider rattan baskets. They are a cheap and convenient way to bring some warmth and natural look to your home. You can just slide a basket into any corner of your home and hide anything that needs a little organizing. However, wicker baskets can also be used as shelving units and even incorporated into furniture to be used as a focal centerpiece of any room.

Patio furniture

Outdoor space is a classic, still perfect spot to introduce the material. Rattan patio furniture brings comfort and function like no other. By outfitting the porch with a cozy wicker sofa and rocking chair stocked with cushions it will become a second family room during warm weather months. Due to its light weight, the furniture can easily be carried around and taken indoors and stored for the next season. In case you haven’t got storage space, it’s ok, rattan handles well outside, even when exposed to elements.


There are a few furniture pieces out there that have made comeback after comeback like the wicker chair. The chair gives off a natural vibe and fits perfectly in rooms layered with patterned textile or ones that are rich with plant life. You can rely on rattan’s natural color or you could paint it in any hue you wish, in order to add a unique character.

rattan trend


If you are a plant person, consider displaying them in rattan pots. They are perfect for showcasing your greenery, no matter what size the plant is. Rattan’s natural color will make the vibrant greens in your plants stand out creating a desert-chic look in your home. Turn your abode into a jungle oasis!


The ottoman does wonders for any living space. If you are in need of storage, seating and surface areas and can’t find one that is going to match the furniture of your living room, rattan is what you need. The muted style of the rattan ottoman will blend, no matter which décor style you prefer.


This is a great way to incorporate some rattan goodness! Instead of using generic lamp shades, why not opt for something a little chicer? Besides from looking great in almost any space, a rattan lampshade will create a warm glow that nobody can say no to.


The great thing about wicker and rattan is that you really don’t need a specific room for it. You only need an accent piece or two such as a small table, chest, tray, mirror or even a side chair to bring this material into any space in your home.


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