Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Vintage Aesthetic At Your Next Party

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No matter the occasion, every party planner wants to design an event that will stand out.

There’s something extraordinary and unique about taking the pre-loved items of generations past and using them to create an aesthetic that feels new, fresh, and exciting.

Want to host the perfect vintage-inspired party?

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your theme.

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Choose a decade for your theme

First, you just need to decide how vintage you want your party to be.

You may want to work on creating an aesthetic that encapsulates a period as recent as the 90s or rewind as far as the 30s or 40s.

Each period has a different look and feel, and there’s a big difference between vintage, antique, and retro.

By picking a decade, you can ensure that each part of your decor feels consistent and authentic to your chosen period.

There may be some decades that suit your occasion better than others.

Hosting a 30th birthday party? This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate all things 90s.

Do you want a touch of mystique and elegance?

Delve into the allure of gothic clothing when choosing your theme. Whether you opt for the luxury of Victorian-era attire or the rebellious spirit of 1980s punk, embracing gothic fashion adds a captivating edge to any party ambiance.

Or, if you’re hoping to celebrate your wedding day with a little glitz and glamour, consider the nostalgia of 1950s Hollywood for your design aesthetic.

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Image credit: Pinterest

Pick up some vintage items

The fun part of planning your vintage party is heading out to thrift lots of unique items.

Once you’ve decided on your chosen decade, you’ll know what to look for.

Whether that’s 40s-style bunting, 60s and 70s disco balls and psychedelic furnishings, or 90s-style lava lamps and inflatable furniture.

While genuine party animals might want their occasion to feel like a time warp, others might want to put a more modern twist on their vintage celebration.

As long as you have a few touches that date back to your chosen decade, you can make your vintage theme as subtle and tasteful or grand and extravagant as you wish.

Use throwback entertainment

Just as with all the other aspects of your party, the music you choose to play at your event is all about preference.

You shouldn’t have to play entirely old songs if you prefer modern hits—however, playing some old classics here and there will really bring your theme to life and are a nice ode to times past.

You may want to choose a romantic ballad of the 50s or 60s – old classics by Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley are popular choices for weddings.

70s disco hits and 80s classic rock are popular genres no matter the occasion.

Of course, you’ll want to pair your vintage playlist with some accompanying entertainment—consider a dance mat for a 90s bash or professional swing dancers for your 1930s celebration.

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Vintage finishing touches

Ready to step back in time for your perfect vintage party?

Once you’ve sorted your venue, decor, and entertainment, there are only minor details to consider. Use vintage invitations and party favors, and be sure to dress the part to truly bring your vision to life.