Top Interior Design Schools in the US: Discover and Choose the Best One

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Getting to a good learning institution is one step in achieving your academic goals. As a student, you want to enroll in one of the best interior design colleges in the US to guarantee your success.

One of the great things about joining a reputable interior design school is accessing quality resources to help navigate your dream course.

On many occasions, learners as well as parents admit to facing unprecedented challenges in choosing colleges or universities best for interior design.

In the modern world, where almost everyone is leveraging the internet to market their businesses, it might be difficult to differentiate the institution without having pre-set conditions.

It is for this purpose that I seek to provide you with key qualities you should check and a list of institutions you could choose.

Qualities You Should Consider When Looking for Interior Design Schools in the US

The location and proximity to your residence:

One of the aspects you should consider when choosing a top-ranked institution to study an interior design course. Accessibility is essential especially when you want to commute from home.

You should be sure that transportation won’t be an issue and you can comfortably attend the classes on time.

If you are choosing an institution outside your hometown, you should consider the distance so that you don’t miss out on important occasions and activities with family.

Fees and other costs:

When choosing interior design schools in the US, you should be keen on the fee structure. Make sure you choose an institution that doesn’t charge exorbitantly.

As reputable assignment experts from CustomWritings observe, students who struggle to pay their school fees, often perform poorly as they struggle to seek alternative sources of finance.

Look for institutions you could easily afford to pay.

Reputation and campus life:

There’s nothing that tells you about an organization more than its reputation. Look for institutions that are reputable in offering interior design degrees.

Students who have gone through the institution provide you with an excellent picture of what to expect in the institution.

Look for things such as the experience of living in the school residence, activities you could engage in during holidays and weekends, etc. Understanding campus life will help decide if it is a suitable place for you.

Extra-curricular activities:

As a student, you need something outside books to make your campus life more fulfilling and enjoyable.

As the adage goes, “Work without play makes Jack a dull boy.” top interior design schools in the US should have a wide range of extracurricular activities you could participate in.

They provide you an opportunity to have new experiences, and hobbies, and develop new interests.

Career opportunities:

The leading interior design colleges in the US should have programs that define your career success.

If possible, choose entities that provide job linkages and internship opportunities to help put into practice what you study in class.

Some institutions organize career days that are essential in helping you shape your career path.  

Best Interior Design Schools in the US Worth Joining in 2023 and 2024

1. Cornell University:

This is a great institution that you can apply to join in 2023 and 2024. It offers the interior design course under the College of Human Ecology.

The cost of the course is $41,958. One of the strengths of the University is that it has a high job placement of approximately 85%.  

2. New York School of Interior Design:

This is one of the top-rated educational facilities in America I would recommend.

It is reputable for producing extremely talented interior design experts who can produce exceptional work that aligns with different client needs.

It is also an institution that has numerous job linkage opportunities. The cost per tuition credit is $1150.

3. Syracuse University

Another excellent choice is Syracuse University.

The institution’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, Environmental and Interior Design creates an excellent environment for aspiring interior design professionals.

There are local opportunities for internships and job linkages, but students are encouraged to seek better opportunities. The institution has a high job placement rate of 91%.

The total cost for the course is $58,440.

4. Drexel University:

Another reputable entity that tops my ranking. The institution's program professionally blends its theory learned in class with real-life scenarios, allowing students to have both theoretical and practical skills.

Situated in Philadelphia, the institution offers students a mandatory 6-month professional co-op work experience.

As a student at the university, you will be encouraged to seek internship opportunities to harness your practical skills. It has a job placement rate of 96.6%.

5. Fashion Institute of Technology:

This is one of the universities that rank highly on my list. It is a highly reputable institution renowned for its ability to convert learners into successful entrepreneurs and artists.

Joining this institution gives me a chance to join a community of other aspiring artists and interior designers.  The total cost of out-state students is $10,846 while that of in-state learners is $3,585.

The job placement is approximately 73% for the school-wide associate degree. However, the rate increases to about 80% for a school-wide bachelor's degree.

6. Rhode Island School of Design:

My list wouldn’t be complete without including this institution that is overly dedicated to producing exceptionally talented and educated artists and interior designers.

The programs at the institution are known for their approach to holistic building design and not so much on materials.

If you join the institution, you will have the chance to explore opportunities in both New York City and Boston. You will also get the opportunity to join excellent communities comprising experts in the industry.

You can access mentors from these communities, enhancing your chances of becoming an experienced interior designer. The total cost is $56,435 and job placement is at 99%.

7. Kansas State University:

Kansas City is another institution I could easily recommend to you as a budding interior designer.

The institution has made a name for producing top-notch artists and interior designers who are highly sought after in the job market.

The cost for out-of-state learners is $25,944 and that of in-state students is $9,632. It has a job placement of 95%.

So How Do You Decide on the Best School?

Any of the featured institutions will support you in your journey as you become a renowned and successful interior designer.

Conduct thorough research to determine the best for you. Look out for application processes, which may include college essay writing for admission purposes.

Consider other factors highlighted above to ensure you choose the best institution for you. Remember choosing the best institution is the first step to performing exceptionally in your studies.