Tips and tricks to a better moodboard | Using the drop-shadow tool to create depth

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The SampleBoard web editor has various different image-editing tools to create fabulous moodboards with. (Watch our guided tutorial video for a quick tour on the basic functionalities and features).

Simply drag-and-drop images from the navigator over to the moodboard canvas. Once there, you can move the items around, resize them by dragging on the small squares at each corner, rotate, crop, blur, clone, reflect etc.

One of the most popular tools, the drop shadow can be used to create a shadow behind your image and make it pop up from the background, and if used right, it will add natural emphasis to your moodboard image, as seen in the "monochromatic fashion" moodboard above. You can change the angle of the drop shadow as well as the distance, opacity and colour.

Tooltip: choosing a low opacity setting for your drop shadow will create a drop shadow that is softer and more transparent.

For more tips and tricks in creating beautiful moodboards of your own, visit and check out the other cool image-editing tools here.