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It is so easy to get carried away and overwork the table design for a wedding. I have been (nearly) guilty of doing just that. It is a running joke with my friends; they often stop me in my tracks saying “It’s getting bigger than Ben Hur” as my over stimulated imagination goes into overdrive at the start of a project.

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My husband has come to understand the stream of ideas flowing off my tongue need to be voiced yet not necessarily acted upon. After a rush of ideas I settle down simplify and get on target to try and create a functional beautiful design. It is a bit like the six thinking hat technique of Edward de Bono. But that’s another interesting topic I will save for another blog post.


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The first thing to aim for when designing a table for a wedding is the décor will enhance the wedding theme. The wedding theme should reflect you and your partner. You can be as creative as you like. However like all good design it should not be over the top with too many conflicting items. Keeping it simple often works best.

Tables can be decorated with flowers, candles, fairy lights, balloons or jewels the scope is unlimited. Take care and resist the urge to run out and buy items for the tables without first coming to a firm decision about what exactly you intend to do with the tables. It is so easy to blow the budget. There are so many options available.

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The most popular centre pieces for tables are floral arrangements. They can range from a single prefect flower in a tall vase to low arrangements surrounded with candles. Other options include blooms floating in bowls or flowers cascading from candelabras. The size and shape of the room will influence your choices. Using in season flowers will usually be most cost effective.

Candles can add a romantic atmosphere to any room. Groups of candles at different heights in colors to match the wedding color scheme surrounded with petals or just bowls of floating candles can look stunning. Vases with baubles, flower heads or lights is another option. Using mirrors with the centre piece placed on top will create a sparkling reflection.

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It is important to remember people need to see each other across tables. Towering centre pieces need to be selected with this in mind. They need to be created in such a way the top of the arrangement is well above eye level. Towering arrangements work very well in rooms with high ceilings.

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In this blog I have placed a few wedding inspiration boards featuring some great ideas for table settings. You will also find numerous examples of table décor in the library. All you need to do is follow the link ‘Create your own Sampleboard’ under the SampleBoard Links on the right. You can have a wonderful time planning your wedding tables online.

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