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This blog is about three of Australian’s favorite interior design paint colours, an Old English sheep dog and 50 years of Dulux paint in the UK.

In March 2012 Dulux  Australia is promoting ‘Australian’s Favorite Colours’. It was interesting to note the three most loved Dulux colours are ‘Antique White USA’ an ivory white; most popular with the architectural market. Number two ‘Natural White’ slightly less warm and lighter than Antique White and number three ‘Hog Bristle’ a beige white colour.

I have noted the ‘Hot Bristle’ has been the most selected colour for assignments I have marked. I have also selected ‘Antique White USA’ for a number of projects. I received the large samples of the colours in a folder with the Old English sheep dog on the cover this week. As I gazed at the dog I remembered the beautiful dog used in the commercials here in Australia. I was lucky enough to enjoy the company of one of the dogs dear Boz when I worked in an interior design firm with his owner.

The favorite Aussie colours made me wonder about the favorite interior paint colours in the UK and USA. When I visited the UK Dulux website I discovered Dulux UK had celebrated 50 years of advertising using an Old English sheep dog in 2011. I couldn’t find the most popular interior paint colours in the UK but I did gather information of the Dulux paint colours used through the decades. So I got distracted I’m a sucker for history of any sort.

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The dog was first used in 1961. The 60s saw a DIY boom; colours like ‘Summer Blue’ were popular. In the 70s ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Lime Juice’ were fashionable. Different shades of the same colour were used on the walls, ceiling and on the architectural detailing. The 80s peach and grey were the hallmark of an up to date room. Colours like ‘Early Dawn, ‘Coral White’ and ‘Apricot White’ popular for colour schemes.

During the 1990s pastel shades of lilac, green and cream were fashionable. The colours ‘Sapphire Satin’ and ‘Irish Cream’ were also popular. In the late 90s themed rooms came into vogue. Neutrals were used with vibrant colours. Colours like ‘Japanese Cherry’ and ‘Jade Taffeta’ considered trendy.

The 2000s started with a move toward neutrals with colours like ‘Natural Hessian’ and ‘Perfectly Taupe’. From 2004 to 2006 a range of new lighter neutrals were popular the aim to make rooms appear bigger and lighter. In 2007 the beginning of the trend for feature walls began with paint colours like ‘Mulberry Burst’ and ‘Raspberry Diva’.

Sample Board featuring Hog Bristle created by Rosena on

2010 saw the rise of individual taste taking prominence with colours like ‘Lemon Punch’ and ‘Indigo Infusion’. In 2011 unusual colour combinations; the attitude anything and everything is possible. Colours like ‘Luscious Lime’ and Purple Pout’ were right on trend. Don’t you just love the names? I must admit I find the colours delicious.

I had intended to move on to the most popular colours in the USA in this blog but I think it best to save that for another post. I love colour (or color to some) and have kind of got off track what with Boz the dog and Dulux UK 50 years through the decades. You may be interested in visiting the Dulux UK website to check it all out, as you can tell I found it most interesting.

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