The most popular interior paint colors (colours) USA & UK

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In this blog I will continue to discuss the most popular interior design paint colors. According to MyPerfectColor most of the top selling paint colors in the US are neutral. For example Benjamin Moore’s Powell Buff a light tan with a touch of peach, another tinted tan called Monroe Bisque and Saybrook Sage a light grey green. I also read somewhere Benjamin’s Lennox Tan, Barely Beige and Shaker Beige were very popular for lounge rooms.

White, cream, yellow and tinted browns are apparently popular in the UK. Graham and Brown’s Beside the Sea Side appear to be similar to Dulux (Australia) Hog Bristle and Moore’s Shaker Beige. Other Graham and Brown colors sound very English and edible with names like Custard Cream, Nice Cup of Tea and London Bridge.

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Maybe the financial crisis is the reason for this continued use of neutral colors in interior spaces. Although I must admit I have tended to use neutrals in my own home. I do this so I can easily change the scheme with injections of bold color. I remember talking with a designer in another state when I was on holiday. We laughed about our choice of white and off white; because we liked to change our designs so often. She admitted she had just purchased a sofa with white cotton upholstery. She has small boys so it is a brave choice.

After checking out a number of the colors I have mentioned I discovered across the UK, USA and Australia there were quite a number of similarities. Even though minimalist interior style has become less popular neutral paint colors have remained popular. What a fascinating world we live in it seems so much smaller with interior design among other trends skipping across the miles so easily. Yet each nation seems to keep a wonderful uniqueness. Thank goodness.

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