The digital moodboard vs The traditional method

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Digital Moodboard
Moodboard created by Fiona Boutcher (nee Kwan) on

Creating moodboards and sample boards offline, using the traditional method, and computer-based using photo editing software like Photoshop and Coral Draw, is useful. developed a faster, simpler, easier platform to help you create a digital moodboard – combined with the benefits of the digital age of speed, efficiency, quick turn-around and global availability. allows you to quickly and efficiently tweak and edit your moodboard presentation digitally without having to use the old tools needed to make a traditional board including the board, tape, adhesive, Stanley knife and labels.  Being online, SampleBoard knows no boundaries as your moodboard can be viewed, saved and emailed anywhere for you and your client’s convenience.

No more time wasting driving the town dead for a scrap of cloth - a digital ‘picture’ can do it all for you now, from the comfort of your own creative space! (preferably while wearing your slippers and/or pajamas ♥ )

Create digital moodboards in minutes, saving the planet, your time and energy!

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