Symmetry – The Key to Every Good Interior Design

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the Key to Every Good Interior Design

Have you ever asked yourself what is the first thing that strikes you when you enter a room that is just perfectly designed? Well, it's obviously the gorgeous color scheme, the fabulous furniture, charming decoration, but believe it or not, consciously or subconsciously, it's also a room’s symmetry. But why is that? First of all, it gives off a sense of balance which in turn has a peaceful and pleasing effect on us. Secondly, symmetry is all around us, from the arrangement of branches on a tree to our own bodies, therefore our brains are used to it.

Because balance is a fundamental design principle it doesn't bypass any style out there whether it's Mid-century modern, Industrial, Scandinavian or Bohemian.  No room would be complete without a certain amount of symmetry.

Fortunately, with a few design tricks, you can easily bring the harmonious feel to your own space. It works for any design style!

How to create symmetry

How to Create Symmetry

Carefully choose a room’s focal point. It should be an element that is usually associated with a certain type of room and which immediately draws your eye upon walking in. For example, if it's a living room, the focal point could be the fireplace, the bed in a master bedroom or the dining table in a dining room. Use those elements to build your symmetry around it.

Now, just like with a beam scale, balance the weight by placing similarly heavy objects on either side of your focal point. You can do this by arranging two sofas in a way that they flank the fireplace, by placing matching table lamps on each nightstand beside the bed or filling either side of a dining room table with chairs, a pair of tabletop plants, and a chandelier centered above.

The bottom line is always to expose the rooms focal point, and then surround it with symmetrical decor elements.

Add some asymmetry

Add Some Asymmetry

As we mentioned above, symmetry has that soothing effect, however, overdo it and it can make you fall asleep. You can easily go from peaceful and relaxing to boring and plain. Make sure to introduce some interest with asymmetrical pieces.

These elements can be big or small, however, think about using objects that are somewhat similar in mass or shape. Take for example the same bedroom we mentioned earlier, but this time place lamps that are distinct but similarly shaped and colored. The same goes for the dining area with similarly shaped chairs at the head of the table. Symmetry can even be broken up with the black and white pillows on the bed as well as a mix of things on each of the bookcases.

As far as the world of interior design is concerned, balance is the key. If you decide to incorporate symmetry into the framework of your design, you will create an interior that is both aesthetically satisfying, and gorgeous at the same time. Everyone is going to find your home pleasing, regardless of their favorite style.