Sunglasses, Joggers, and More: What to Put on Your Athleisure Moodboard

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Fashion is an ever-evolving tapestry, with trends weaving in and out of style, often returning in unexpected ways.

Visual aids like moodboards serve as a powerful tool for understanding these trends, offering a glimpse into the collective aesthetic preferences of the moment.

Just as the glamor of Fashion Trends From the 1920s can be encapsulated through flapper accessories and cream white gowns like that of actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tom Ford creation, a few key articles are all you need to effortlessly emulate athleisure fashion.

This is a comfortable yet stylish trend that has also been witnessing a resurgence in today's fashion landscape. In this article, we are going to explore five must-have items to elevate your athleisure moodboard.

1. Baseball caps


The baseball cap, a quintessential symbol of casual cool and street style, can be effortlessly integrated into the athleisure aesthetic.

Whether adorned with a simple logo and brand name like the baseball caps of Hambino or Anine Bing, or even dripping in crystals, these accessories are easy to elevate from a simple accessory into a fashion statement.

The versatility of baseball caps lies in their ability to add an urban edge to any athleisure ensemble. Picture pairing a branded cap with a sleek hoodie and track pants, creating a look that effortlessly transitions from a workout session to a coffee date.

2. Sports sunglasses


Sunglasses have transcended their functional origins to become a fashion statement in their own right. 

Oakley sports sunglasses come with the brand’s patented Prizm lens technology and come in super popular frames like the Oakley Sutro and Hydro, which are easy to pair with just about any outfit.

Many athleisure aficionados opt for established brands like Oakley that promise to not only deliver timeless style but also offer cutting-edge UV protection technology.

See how model Bella Hadid's choice of Oakley in Half-Jacket, paired with a maroon nylon Nike quarter zip and wrap skirt, exemplifies how sports sunglasses can uniquely blend with high fashion.

Consider incorporating these sleek shades into your athleisure moodboard for a touch of glamor and practicality.

3. Hoodies


Found in the collections of athletic giants like Nike and Adidas, as well as lifestyle brands like Uniqlo, hoodies have become a canvas for self-expression. Their cozy appeal makes them a go-to choice for various occasions.

Imagine layering a classic black hoodie with a leather jacket for an urban-chic look that seamlessly marries comfort and style.

The hoodie's versatility extends from gym wear to streetwear, making it an indispensable item for an athleisure moodboard.

4. Track pants


Selecting the perfect pair of track pants is an art form that lies at the heart of mastering athleisure style. See how Reebok track pants capture the balance between functionality and fashion.

The brand's track pants come with flat seams, a sturdy waistband, and elevated design details. These allow wearers to effortlessly transition from a workout at the gym to a casual day out, thanks to well-finished seams, pockets, and zips.

Meanwhile, for those seeking the ultimate comfort at home, lounge labels like Paire provide track pants with softer fabrics and a relaxed fit through the legs. The result is a versatile piece that harmonizes with the athleisure ethos.

5. Classic white tennis shoes


The debate over the origins of classic white tennis shoes persists, with contenders ranging from the sensible Keds of 1916 to the iconic Adidas Superstars of the 1970s. Regardless, these shoes have become an indispensable element of athleisure fashion.

Today, even luxury fashion has put their unique spins on this timeless wardrobe staple, with Gucci perforated leather sneakers sported by German model Caro Daur and Louis Vuitton Run Away sneakers worn by actor Mark Wahlberg.

This shows how the crisp white aesthetic of these shoes provides the perfect finishing touch to any athleisure outfit, whether you're pairing them with track pants for a laid-back vibe or dressing them up with a sporty dress for a high-fashion twist.

6. Personalized Silicone Wrist Bands 

In athleisure, accessories play a crucial role in defining sporty style. Consider adding a touch of personalization with customized silicone wrist bands.

These versatile and comfortable accessories seamlessly blend with the athleisure trend, allowing you to infuse your mood board with a sporty yet personalized vibe.

Whether engraved with motivational quotes or featuring vibrant colors to complement your outfit, personalized silicone wrist bands enhance your overall athleisure look.

Elevate your style and embrace the athleisure aesthetic by incorporating these custom accessories into your wardrobe for a unique and fashionable twist.

Embrace the details, experiment with combinations, and let your moodboard reflect the dynamic intersection of fashion and athleticism.

For more fashion inspiration, explore our other blogs and digital moodboard creator software program on

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