Summer Decorating Home Preparation

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There is a lot of work that goes into summer decorating if you want to do it right. The heat with extra work can be tiring. But it helps to get the hard stuff out of the way first. You should prepare the room by giving it a good clean, and always make sure there is enough space to work. 

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Clean Your Vents and AC

Decorating can be rigorous and requires a lot of movement. And when it's hot or humid in the summer, you will get hot and want to cool down. Fans and AC units work well for staying cool, but you should give your AC and vents a clean first. You can hire AC repair services if you aren't sure how to do this correctly. But either way, it helps keep you cool, but it will also make sure there is no extra dust being blown around the room that could stick to your new paint job.

Remove Cobwebs for Summer Decorating

Preparing a room for decorating requires giving it a good clean, and one of the first things you need to do is check all corners and crevices for cobwebs. You will be amazed at just how much can accumulate, and you don't really notice it until you really look. Also, check the ceiling as webs and dust can also gather there too. Use a broom or telescoping duster if you have trouble reaching it. And be sure to use a mask because they will fall onto your face and mouth.

Clean the Walls and Windows

Once any dust and webs have been removed, it's time to clean the windows. The glass is, of course, the largest part of the job and the most obvious. But the frames also need some attention. Debris and dust can gather around the frames, especially if your windows are old and the seal is coming loose. This makes cleaning them doubly important as any new sealant won't take properly if the gaps aren't clean and clear. Don't worry too much about the outside for now.

Fill Any Holes and Gaps

It can be surprising just how many holes and cracks can appear in a single room. Years of wear and tear can cause all kinds of gaps that need to be filled in, so take a good look around:

  • Remove everything from the walls and check for holes in hanging pictures.
  • Check near the top of the walls and the ceiling for cracks that can appear over time.
  • Make sure to look behind doors where the handles meet the walls for any damage.
  • Go around the skirting boards for gaps where the wood has come away from the wall.
  • Run your finger under the window boards to check if there are any smaller holes.

When you really look, you will often find there are loads of holes and cracks in a single room. Fortunately, it only takes a keen eye and some squeezy filler to tackle all but the largest cavities.

Remove Everything from the Room

You can't really work a room properly if there are things in the way. Remove as much from a room as you can, ideally, everything, so you have a completely empty room. This will help avoid tripping over anything and prevents anything you plan on keeping from getting damaged or splashed with paint. Removing everything from the room just makes the whole process much easier, and you also make it easier for any specialists, such as carpet fitters, to do their jobs.

Dedicate a Work Area when Summer Decorating

An empty room is safer and easier to work with. But you will need quite a lot of stuff such as paint, wallpaper and tools in the room. So it helps to create a dedicated workspace in the room, such as putting a table in the middle. This should be arranged well and small enough so it doesn't pose a hazard. But also large enough to accommodate everything you need. If need be, you can dedicate a workspace just outside the room, but you risk damaging that room too.

Wear the Right Clothing

You will get paint and other stuff all over the clothes you wear when decorating, no matter how careful you are. In summer, you need something cool and loose, so wear an old T-shirt and some worn jeans. Unless you are using extremely hazardous materials, coveralls aren't necessary. However, it is always best to use face masks and goggles when there are fumes in the room or when spraying something, such as mold cleaner, along your ceiling edges.  


Summer decorating is popular because people are much more motivated at this time of year and generally have more time. But you need to prepare a room correctly before doing so. Cleaning any AC and vents will help reduce dust, and you must fill any gaps in the walls.