Style, Substance and Color: Major Trends and Directions for 2014 {intimacy}

pantone intimacy color trend mood board

This is the first post of a series "Style, Substance and Color: Major Trends and Directions for 2014" inspired by PANTONE home + interiors 2014

In this complex and information-laden world, there is a multiplicity of resources that inform color and design directions. More than ever before it is urgent to be aware of future trends as consumers are seeking distinctive styling and considerable substance. Most importantly, colors and combinations must be appealing, evocative, transformative and 'on-target'. PANTONE home + interiors 2014

I will be creating mood boards based on the 9 themes predicted by Pantone for the world of interiors 2014 and I'm kicking off with the soft, gentle and oh so romantic theme "intimacy".

The Pantone theme "intimacy" implies a certain affinity and relationship that are expressed in tints and tones that are inviting in nature and softly tactile, closely connected, yet subtly different; a happy marriage of adaptable warm, cool and neutral tones.

Combinations co-join effortlessly in offering an understated color collection. Gardenia white defines a lotus blossom pink; Rose Cloud, Fawn and Café Crème are delicious together, while pale Lavenders and Opal Gray are effectively approachable.

pantone intimacy color trend mood board

For more "intimacy" inspired images go have a peak at my Pinterest board {color trend | intimacy}

Have a pretty Monday!

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