Spring Home Decor: How to Style Your Furniture This Season

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As we find ourselves in the heart of spring, many of us are likely engaging in the annual tradition of spring cleaning.

This practice gives our homes a fresh start for the new season and reflects a growing trend among Americans.

However, why stop at just cleaning?

This is the perfect time to give your home a fresh look, in line with the vibrant spirit of spring. 

Spring offers a perfect opportunity to revitalize your living space with its promise of new beginnings.

If your home feels stagnant, it's time to embrace the transformative power of seasonal decor, just as you do with Halloween and Christmas.

So, what does spring home decor look like?

Let's explore how to style your furniture and home to welcome this refreshing new season with open arms.

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Go for spring tones

Dark and warm colors, such as mauve, royal blue, and deep brown, are always best for winter.

Yet, though they provide a sense of coziness in colder months, you'll want to change them out for brighter, more refreshing hues in the spring.  

About Town recommends shades like pastel pink and blue, rich greens, and vibrant oranges and yellows.

Adding a pop of these colors into your home for the spring can be as simple as changing the covers on your couch pillows or adding a new rug to the living room. 

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Add more texture

Spring is all about nature, which is why you should bring that into your home using furniture with more organic textures.

For example, you can use coffee tables with bases made of rough rather than planed wood or upgrade your bed to feature natural wood finishes.

The Voyage Natural California king bedroom sets are designed with simple, clean lines made with brushed light oak — ensuring a fresh, springtime look that won't weigh your bedroom down. 

Our "Organic Modern Style in Interiors" piece notes that when placed alongside smoother pieces, these textures can add layers of contrast, warmth, and balance to any living space.

More importantly, they'll mimic how unpredictable nature can be as it wakes up, revealing more of itself this time of the year. 

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Switch to lighter fabrics

Warmer months are ahead, so you should ditch the flannel beddings and wool throw pillows for lighter and breezier textiles. 

The Sleep Foundation's post on bedding fabrics notes that some of the best are Egyptian and percale cotton, linen, bamboo fibers, and Tencel.

These are highly breathable, and some even have moisture-wicking properties. The best part is they're not just great for your bed and pillow sheets.

You can also switch out the fabrics on couches, chairs, and the throw pillows that go on them for an added touch of spring or keep a lighter throw on the sofa for colder mornings. 

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Remember the flowers!

Ultimately, the best way to infuse spring into your home is with seasonal greenery, and there's no better way to do that than with a vase or planter full of flowers.

You can be inspired by the vibrant centerpieces by the florist Mark Thompson.

He focuses on seasonality as a theme, and such accent pieces can brighten the home, immediately bringing it out of the winter months.

You can also use cheery flowers like hydrangeas, Bells-of-Ireland, and larkspur and put them in wide, round vases with moistened foam for additional hydration and support.

They'll look great wherever you place them—whether on the dressers in your living room, beside your books on shelves, or on the dining table as a centerpiece. 

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10 Spring Home Decor Tips

Spring is a great time to refresh your home decor, and there are plenty of ways to bring the lightness and brightness of the season indoors. Here are some tips to help you spruce up your living space:

Add Splashes of Color:

  • Accent Walls: Consider painting an accent wall in a light, refreshing color like mint green or soft lavender.
  • Decorative Throws: Add throws with chevron or striped patterns in spring hues like coral or turquoise for your couch or armchair.

Bring in Greenery:

  • Hanging Planters: Install hanging planters with ferns or ivy to create a vertical garden effect.
  • Herb Garden: Start an indoor herb garden in your kitchen using small pots on the windowsill—practical and pretty.

Natural Elements:

  • Wooden Decor: Incorporate wooden picture frames, hand-carved wooden bowls, or driftwood pieces for a rustic touch.
  • Wicker Baskets: Use large wicker baskets to hold blankets or plant holders for a casual, earthy look.

Light Fabrics:

  • Table Linens: Swap heavy tablecloths for light, airy cotton or linen runners in soft, neutral colors.
  • Decorative Pillows: Use pillows covered in light fabrics such as silk or cotton in floral or geometric patterns.

Rearrange Furniture:

  • Focus on Windows: Arrange seating to face or surround windows to maximize spring sunlight.
  • Open Spaces: Create more open spaces by moving furniture away from the center of the room, promoting a breezier feel.

Decorative Mirrors:

  • Clustered Wall Mirrors: Group small mirrors on a wall to create an interesting visual effect.
  • Full-length Mirror: Place a tall, full-length mirror in a corner to reflect light and give the room a more spacious feel.

Seasonal Scents:

  • Scented Candles: Choose candles with fresh linen or fresh-cut grass scents to evoke a spring-like atmosphere.
  • DIY Potpourri: Create potpourri with dried flowers and essential oils like orange or peppermint.

Update Artwork:

  • Nature Prints: Hang prints or paintings that depict landscapes, seascapes, or floral scenes.
  • DIY Art: Frame pressed flowers or leaves as a cost-effective way to add unique artwork that ties to the season.

Outdoor Connection:

  • Cozy Nook: Create a cozy nook on your porch with a swing, comfortable cushions, and a small table for books or drinks.
  • Garden Theme: Decorate with garden statues, bird baths, or a small fountain to bring a sense of tranquility and nature closer.

Clean and Declutter:

  • Organizational Tools: Use decorative hooks, shelves, and boxes to organize items and clear clutter.
  • Minimalist Approach: Adopt a minimalist approach to decorations, keeping only items that add to the aesthetic or have sentimental value.

These tips and examples should give you a wealth of ideas for refreshing your home this spring, making it a delightful, inviting space that celebrates the season's essence!

Spring is the perfect time to breathe new life into your home's design.

So why not try these furniture-styling tips to align your living space with the vibrant energy of the season?

Don't just read about it; take action and see the transformation for yourself!