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SampleBoard created by Moira Mannen on

Inspirational Moodboard | Using the drop-shadow, opacity and blur tools for better looking moodboards

In this SampleBoard, Moira has used a combination of easy-to-use tools to create an excellent look and feel to her board.

The main component used was the background image (which can be found under the drop-down menu: Interior Design_Dining Room_Lifestyle). If you look carefully you will note the image was cloned, cropped and flipped so that the entire page is filled.

This image allowed her to easily place her samples and product images around it, giving it a 'room-like' affect.

Lets look at the pendants - 3 tools were used to create this effect:

Clone, Opacity and Blur (You can use your toggle to play around with the size of the image). You have to use your eye and visual sense of proportion to create realistic depth, but with practice it should come more naturally each time you create a 3D effect.

She dropped in her samples (wooden veneers, wallpaper, paint colors) and furniture images but made sure to use the magic eraser to eliminate any backgrounds and then softened the edges with the drop shadow tool. This also allows it to make it pop out from the background.

Lastly a model was dropped in which gives the board a quirky and fun feel and even makes it more realistic so clients can relate to it more (This reminds me of my student days where we did hand-drawn perspectives and traced over models out of magazines to give it a lived-in look and feel...)

So there you have it in a nutshell. Hope this quick tutorial tips gave you some amazing ideas for your next fabulous SampleBoard creation!

Happy creating!