Some tips on how to set the scene for a Valentine's Day dream

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My husband and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day we prefer to surprise each other with wee romantic treats unexpectedly. This works very well for us. For those of you who do celebrate the day I thought I would share some thoughts from an amusing article I read in the Herald Sun Weekend magazine called ‘A Crash Course In Valentine’s Day’ by Ross Brundrett.

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I must admit I agree with Ross; Valentine’s Day is not about celebrating romance but it’s about celebrating a women’s idea of romance. Brundrett thinks it is good practice for when guys eventually tie the knot. The day after all is all about keeping your partner happy. Ross gives a few tips on how males can really make her day. Here they are in my own words. I have also added some concept boards to give you a few ideas.

  • Make sure to select quality Swiss chocolates and long stemmed roses
  •  It is important to plan ahead and make sure you book a restaurant for a romantic dinner well in advance
  • A piece of jewellery can have more impact than just saying I love you
  • If you have the skills and know your way around a kitchen then cooking her favorite meal to show your love could well be a winning move
  • Setting the scene with background music is a great idea
  • Serving champagne (French is always best) if you can afford it
  • Women in love with romance prefer men who are well groomed
  • Another way to set the scene is to decorate the space for romance. Just study the boards to give you some inspiration on how this can be done
  • Inviting your mates is the biggest no no. This is a special night for two
  • This romantic night cannot be spoiled by cutting it short to watch your favorite sport on the telly
  • Keep the cost of the evening a secret she will love you for it

There is nothing to say the same rules do not apply to the female species when they want to celebrate by making an effort to keep her romantic male happy. After all some men are romantics at heart and some women don’t have a romantic bone in their body.

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