Smart Design for Small Bedrooms

Last Updated on February 28, 2024 by SampleBoard

Small bedrooms can be extra cozy and quicker to heat up. Admittedly though, the reduced space can come with its fair share of challenges. This is when it’s time to get smarter about bedroom planning. 

Luckily, there are some ways to manipulate the design of your small room to do more for you. 

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Making the room look bigger

You may want to give the illusion of a larger bedroom purely for aesthetic reasons. If this is you, think about how you can use colors to create the desired effect. 

Maintaining an entirely white or cream color scheme in the room almost invariably creates a sense of spaciousness, lending an airier and more open feel.

Conversely, employing dark colors will yield the opposite outcome.

If the room is long and rectangular, you can make things interesting by using light paint on the long walls and dark paint on the small walls at either end. This will elongate the look of your room.

To widen the appearance of this type of room, you could even make the bottom half of all walls and the ceiling light-colored, while the top half has a dark shade. 

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Clever storage

Loving the coziness of your small bedroom, but find yourself wanting to magic some extra storage space out of somewhere? Luckily, there are some adaptions you can make if this is you. 

Getting a fitted wardrobe installed is much more space-saving than the option of having a traditional standing wardrobe. There’s often a lot more room for your clothes, shoes, and accessories inside as well. 

The other top tip is to get a bed that comes with storage underneath. Or get some special under-bed storage baskets and bags to keep items in under another type of bed.

Either way, if you’ve got a bed but nowhere underneath to store things, you could be wasting vital space in your bedroom.

Try and choose furniture that’s multipurpose so that you don’t clog your small room with excessive items and ruin its natural charm.

Opt for a wardrobe solution with a full-length mirror inside the doors. Perhaps bag yourself a pretty shoe ottoman that doubles up as a seat.  

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Strategic layout 

It could also be time to replan your layout. If you like to have a desk in your room, why not try a floating desk instead?

It’s mounted to the wall like a shelf and you can still tuck your chair into it while freeing up some of the surrounding space. 

Try installing a few extra shelves on the walls in unused corners. This will hopefully free up a bit of the floor and it’s a great alternative for bookcases. 

Try and leave a free area in the middle of the room, if possible. Not only will this promote a more positive flow of energy for the feng shui conscious, but will also give you the ability to move more freely while making the room appear bigger. 

Another trick is with the strategic use of mirrors to channel more light into a small room, particularly if the room tends to have a propensity for shadows.

Strategically placed mirrors can effectively harness and redirect available natural and artificial light sources, thereby mitigating the issue of dimness and creating a brighter and more inviting atmosphere.

With a bit of extra care and thought, you can start making the most out of your small bedroom in no time.