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The team is buzzing with excitement SampleBoard has a cool new website. All of the best original features have been retained. But it just got a whole lot easier, faster and it is still the greenest way of creating great professional looking design concept boards.

Concept board created by Rosena on

The original site was launched in 2010. The aim of the creation; designed by designers for designers was to digitize the process of making sample boards. The traditional way of creating sample boards took a lot of running around, time and energy. I remember days of driving around for hours in and out of the car in the Queensland heat.  I love SampleBoard because it is eco-friendly and time efficient.

              Concept board created by Rosena on

Interior designers, decorators, landscape designers, fashion designers and wedding planners can create design concept boards using the extensive library of images and/or easily upload their own images. SampleBoard is also a great place to interact with other designers and share ideas.

Concept board created by Rosena on

In this blog I have included examples of my first adventures on the new site. The best way to really view the changes is to have ago. Please let us know what you think we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Concept board created by Rosena on

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