Rust Color Trend and How to Use It in Interiors

Are you tired of minimalist color schemes and feeling ready to spice up your designs with some warm and cozy shades? Well, you are not alone!

The color Rust seems to be rising in popularity rapidly these last few months and is now popping up everywhere from fashion to interior design.

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If you're looking to inject some warmth and energy into your home this year, consider using the rust color trend. This rich, earthy hue is associated with autumnal colors and can give any space a cozy feel.

But where did it come from and why is everyone becoming so obsessed with this rich, retro shade?

To be completely honest, it did not come as a surprise.

The trend has been cooking for a year now (at least officially), since the design industry’s most important event, Salone del Mobile in Milan, put rust in the spotlight just next to THE shade of the decade - millennial pink.

But it is not just rust that has been growing on us lately, it’s the whole family of earthy neutrals.

Symbolizing a slower way of life, a strong connection with Nature, and more sustainable living, earthy tones reflect our deepest desires and needs as human beings, so it is only natural that we are starting to lean towards this particular aesthetic.

What does Rust Color look like?

The easiest way to describe rust color is as a reddish-brown, red-orange-brown, or even reddish-yellow color combo, closely resembling iron oxide. It got its name from the Proto-Germanic word rusta which means redness.

Actually, rust is not just one shade, but rather a small family of hues.

Rust is the perfect color for creating an on-trend, yet warm and inviting space. It pairs well with other earth tones like terracotta and chocolate brown.

And if you are still not sure what exactly this trendy color looks like, take a look at the mood board below.

Rust Color Trend and How to Use It in Interiors SampleBoard Blog

How to decorate with the color Rust

To use rust in your home, start by incorporating it into your accent pieces. Throw a rust-colored pillow on your couch or swap out your plain white towels for ones in a burnt orange hue.

With its warm, earthy tones and unique hue, rust is the perfect way to add a touch of coziness to any space.

Here are a few ways you can use this trend in your own home:

1. Paint

One of the easiest ways to use rust in your home is with paint. You can use it as an accent wall or even paint an entire room in this color.

As an accent color, Rust is a great way to add a pop of color to a room without being overwhelming.

Image credit: Frenchy Fancy
Image credit: Virou

2. Furniture

Another way to add rust to your decor is with furniture. Look for pieces that have a rustic finish or are upholstered in this color. Velvets work well and seem to be a popular choice.

Image credit: Soho Home
Image credit: SF Girl
Image credit: Be Pure Home

3. Carpets and rugs

4. Accessories

Finally, you can use rust-colored accessories to bring this trend into your home. Look for things like vases, throws, and even candles in this hue. Then, spread them around the room to add a touch of warmth and personality.

Rust is a great way to warm up a living room. Add some rust-colored throw blankets and pillows to your sofa or use it as an accent color on walls or built-in shelving units.

Image credit: Home Deco
Image credit: Little house of four

How to use the color rust in the kitchen

Looking to give your kitchen a makeover? Rust is the perfect color for creating a cozy, country-chic vibe.

Paint your cabinets or island in a rustic hue or add some rust-colored accents like canisters or a copper backsplash!

Image credit: My Domaine
Image credit: Domino

How to use the color rust in a bedroom or nursery

For a calming and relaxed bedroom space, consider using rust as your primary color palette. Paint the walls in a light rust color and accessorize with bedding and window treatments in similar hues.

Image credit: Project Nursery
Image credit: Cokos
Image credit: Poppyseed Play
Image credit: HGTV
Image credit: Cocon

How to pair Rust with other colors?

Rust can warm up even the coldest of interiors and is bound to make a strong statement, without overpowering the rest of the space.

It can be used as both accent and neutral shade, while still showing off an equally impressive vibe.

Balancing rust with white

Pair it with whites, and you will get a clean, edgy look with just the right amount of sophistication and moodiness.

For a timeless, classy ambiance, throw in a bunch of dreamy pillows and a gorgeous antique rug featuring a rusty palette. Even coffee table accessories would do. And voila!

Image credit: Shelterness
Image credit: via Pinterest
Image credit: Lulu and Georgia

Combine rust with nature-inspired hues

All-natural shades, such as greens and sands look equally great when combined with rust.

If you are looking to turn a home into an escape and create an inviting nook for winding down after a long day, then look no further than this warm color scheme.

Remember our feature about Sage, the democratically elected color of 2018, well, just add Rust into the picture, and we are still talking about the same design movement that is definitely here to stay.

Image credit: via Pinterest
Image credit: via Pinterest
Image credit: via Pinterest

Pairing rust with grey

If grey is your go-to neutral, exploring decorating options that rust brings to the table is a must.

Unless you are all into sweet pastels or brights, this gender-neutral, luxurious shade will edge out all other options you might explore to use as accents.

The grey and rust pair speaks volumes about maturity and calm.

Rust Color Trend and How to Use It in Interiors SampleBoard Blog
Image credit: Mad about the house
Image credit: via Pinterest
Image credit: Rug Society

The perfect pair: Rust and Pink

Talking about sweet pastels, Millennial Pink is probably to blame for the rise of this spicy hue. Just watch them together and you will fall in love with the combo, no doubt!

If you are into millennial pink and like to use it as a neutral, pops of rust will provide the edge you need to bring the interior from sweet to sophisticated.

Image credit: via Pinterest
Image credit: Anthropology

Even Navy Blue would do! When put next to rust, one of the hottest colors of the season (well, any season to be frank) navy blue, dark blue, midnight blue, or however you prefer to call it, tells a captivating and authentic story about style.

Image credit: Nina Jizhar
Image credit: High Street Homes
Image credit: Maria Ward

Whether you are into modern Scandinavian aesthetics, 70s look (especially combined with rattan), eclectic style, contemporary interiors with retro elements, Boho Californian spaces, or even Modern Victorian homes, rust hues will provide your design projects with that rich and delicious extra dimension you are looking for.

Bonus tip: if the urban jungle trend is your thing, you absolutely need to give rust a chance! The way the greenery pops next to the rust sofa is absolutely divine!

Rust Color Trend and How to Use It in Interiors SampleBoard Blog

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