5 Reasons You Should Build A Shed Home

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It's time to break free from conventional ways of life and embrace the new technological and architectural innovations available.

More and more people realize that the perfect home doesn't need to be a replica of their grandparents' ideals.

It can be a canvas for their imagination if it meets safety standards. This is the era of freedom and creativity in homebuilding. 

Imagine the adventure of downsizing and choosing alternative housing.

Think of the families exploring the world on their yachts, the road trip lovers meandering through the country in their renovated vans or RVs.

Over the past decade, tiny homes have captured the world's attention as people develop more and more creative ways to live simply but still in style.

It's a lifestyle that's as exciting as it is sustainable. 

Those who have followed along with the different YouTube channels and Instagram accounts of people who've chosen to make their home whatever they wanted would be no strangers to the concept of shed homes.

For instance, Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey transformed a simple shed into a stunning home that perfectly suits their lifestyle.

Their story is just one of many inspiring examples of shed homes.

For those who have not yet been introduced to this type of alternative home, you've just entered a new realm of creative and convenient living.

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Why build a shed home?

For anyone on the fence about whether they should look into building a shed home, here are some reasons that might swing your vote. 

Reason 1: It's cost-effective

One of the biggest reasons why people are turning to new types of housing, like building a shed home, is for cost-effectiveness.

For instance, buying the average house in Australia can cost around $933,800.

Still, when you consider building your shed home, you'll find that you can build something just as stunning, if not more, at a price within your budget.

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The cost of building a shed home in Australia can vary significantly based on factors such as size, materials, location, and the level of customization.

Here are some general cost estimates:

Basic Shed Home (Simple design, minimal customization):

  • Size: Around 20-40 square meters
  • Approximate Cost: AUD 50,000 to AUD 80,000

Mid-Range Shed Home (Moderate size, higher quality materials, some customization):

  • Size: Around 40-60 square meters
  • Approximate Cost: AUD 80,000 to AUD 120,000

High-End Shed Home (Larger size, high-quality materials, fully customized design):

  • Size: Around 60-80 square meters or more
  • Approximate Cost: AUD 120,000 to AUD 200,000 or more

This significant difference in cost is a compelling reason to consider a shed home. 

This doesn't mean that all shed homes will be cheap, but you'll have a lot more say in your house's appearance. 

Reason 2: Completely customisable 

Who doesn't want a home that can be completely designed to suit your every specific need?

Don't think that because you're building a shed home, it has to be this tiny, boring, rectangular room.

No, no. Most shed builders offer a completely bespoke opportunity where you can customize your shed home to help you get your dream shed home. 

This is your chance to be the architect of your own space, adding your personal touch to every corner. 

Custom shed design options include size, color, roof type, and more. You can also add patios, gutters, and sunroofs. 

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Reason 3: Simple construction

While traditional homes can take months to years to complete, shed construction is much simpler.

Typically, the process involves liaising with the company and finalizing your designs, which can take weeks to months.

They'll help with the approval process according to your local council's requirements and take care of the rest if you prefer.

Otherwise, many shed-building companies also offer shed kits for seasoned DIYers to enjoy putting together themselves.

This straightforward process is another reason building a shed home is viable. 

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Reason 4: It's more eco-friendly 

Choosing to build a shed home could be more environmentally friendly.

Shed homes require fewer materials, thanks to their smaller size, which means less resource extraction and waste.

Also, since most shed homes are smaller than traditional houses (not always), this leads to reduced energy consumption in your household.

Shed homes, often called "tiny homes" or "granny flats" in Australia, typically use less energy than traditional homes due to their smaller size and often more efficient designs.

On average, a traditional home in Australia consumes about 15,000 to 20,000 kWh of energy per year.

In contrast, a shed or tiny home usually consumes between 2,000 and 6,000 kWh per year. This represents approximately a 70-90% reduction in energy usage compared to a traditional home.

This significant reduction in energy use translates to a substantial decrease in carbon emissions, making shed homes a greener housing option. 

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Reason 5: Additional income opportunity

Maybe you're not set on completely moving into a shed home or looking for a way to generate a passive income.

Those with the space available could go ahead and build a shed home and rent it.

Depending on your shed home's location and size, you could earn around [specific income amount] per month.

The rental income from a shed home in Australia can vary widely based on location, size, and amenities.

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Here are some general estimates:

Urban Areas (e.g., Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane):

  • Due to high demand and property values, shed homes or granny flats in these areas can fetch higher rental prices.
  • Monthly rental income can range from AUD 1,000 to AUD 2,500.

Suburban Areas:

  • In suburban areas, rental prices are generally lower than in urban centers, but they are still substantial.
  • Monthly rental income can range from AUD 800 to AUD 1,800.

Rural Areas:

  • Shed homes in rural locations may have lower rental income potential due to lower demand.
  • Monthly rental income can range from AUD 500 to AUD 1,200.

Alternatively, you could turn your shed home into a guest house, generating additional income during peak travel seasons. This versatility is another advantage of shed homes. 

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Where do I start?

So, has building a shed home piqued your interest? Great!

The first step to building your dream shed home is contacting a shed builder. 

You'll find many brilliant shed companies all over Australia that would love to help you build a shed customized to your needs.

For example, Fair Dinkum Builds has been in the industry for over 30 years and has a huge national network of shed experts ready to help you throughout your shed-building journey.

They even offer a Designer App to design your own shed in 3D!

Discover the world of shed homes and the creativity behind transforming simple sheds into stunning living spaces. Dive into the trend of shed home living today.
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Final Thoughts

Get ready to join the movement and build your custom shed home, where you can design every inch of your building according to your needs.