Pantone Delivers ‘the Color of Paris’ | Lost in Paris Expo

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Pantone Pearled Ivory Color Trend Mood Board Lost in Paris
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The Site Design, in partnership with the Regional Tourism Committee Paris Ile-de-France with the support of the Mayor of Paris, presents an event dedicated to the design and tourism in Paris and Ile-de-France: Lost in Paris. The exhibition runs till 11 January 2014.

Pantone has a fun role in the new exhibition, as mentioned in PANTONE VIEW news:

Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman, multi-faceted designers and Parisians by adoption, have responded enthusiastically to this challenge. Through an offbeat and original concept, they offer a personal, current, and relevant vision of Paris, instant and unexpected.

Couleur de Paris is one of the exhibits. For Tal Lancman, if Paris was a color it would be 'Pierre de Paris' a specific stone that is traditionally used in architectural constructions, including buildings such as Notre Dame, and the bridges over the Seine.

This stone is a sophisticated beige color tinted with a warm pinkish-yellowish hue. The color was selected after much consideration, based on observation of the city and interviews conducted for this purpose. 'Pierre de Paris' corresponds to Pantone 11-0907 TPX, Pearled Ivory. To celebrate this special shade, Pantone has designed a mug rendered in this color.

Pantone Pearled Ivory Color Trend Mood Board Lost in Paris 1
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Some projects undertaken in the Paris area, reveal places reinvented through new practices outside the usual tourist circuits, such as Take Your Time - the inseparable couple of chairs designed by designers for Lost in Paris, placed at various locations in Paris and surroundings that invite contemplation of unusual landscapes.

All projects will demonstrate the ability of design to generate emotion and re-enchant the everyday. The approach and the work of Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman illustrate how designers, by transverse approach, creativity and attention to use, have a major role in the development of the tourism offer and strengthening attractiveness and influence of Paris and the Ile-de-France | Le Lieu du Design

For more information regarding Lost in Paris expo, visit Le Lieu du Design. For more Pantone Pearled Ivory Paris inspired images, see our Pinterest board {PANTONE * LOST IN PARIS}

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