SampleBoard Crush: One-line Art by Ella Rennéus

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Bojana Bajac

SampleBoard Brand Ambassador


You know how much we enjoy sharing design eye candies with you, right? Well, today is no exception. You’ve probably already stumbled upon this artwork in some of your recent quests for inspiration. You just didn’t know the name of its creator.

We are here today to change that!

Ella Rennéus, Swedish artist (currently located in Amsterdam) is the person behind these extraordinary one-line drawings that redefine the way we perceive minimal art. Every piece is created in a single line and captures the moment that is impossible to recreate.

Yes, these are all originals! Ella doesn’t do prints at all, so if you decide to trust your home (or your client’s) with one of her drawings, you can be rest assured it will be one of a kind.

Her ability to freestyle is a given, and she uses it to reveal deepest emotions and complicated relations of her characters. Ella’s doodles are much more than abstract art. You can sense the feelings and doubts on these faces in a way that truly speaks to you.

We got super-inspired by Ella Rennéus’s pieces, so we did what we do best – create a mood board. What do you say?

You can find Ella Rennéus’s work here.

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