Netflix and Renovate: Home Improvement Shows to Inspire Your Next Project

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At the beginning of a new year, many people aspire to reinvent themselves. However, the desire to reorganize or completely transform one's life can arise at any moment.

A simple and effective starting point is giving your living space a makeover. However, undertaking such a significant project can be overwhelming, and sometimes it's beneficial to seek guidance from experts.

If you're planning a home improvement and looking for renovation inspiration, you can find a lot in the home renovation shows on Netflix.

Here are the 8 best ones:

#1 Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Practical and efficient, the KonMari Method has gained popularity as a technique created by Marie Kondo that helps individuals organize their homes.

In her series, Tidying Up, Kondo visits busy individuals struggling to declutter their living spaces. She categorizes items and guides them in determining which possessions bring joy and which to discard.

Kondo assists new parents in managing toddlers while tidying and supports a grieving widow in letting go of her late husband's belongings.

One remarkable aspect of the series is Kondo's non-judgmental approach, firmly believing in the possibility of tidying up regardless of the circumstances.

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#2 Selling Sunset

This new reality series is perfect for those who appreciate luxurious real estate. It showcases elite real-estate brokers at The Oppenheim Group, who cater to affluent buyers in Los Angeles.

Alongside featuring stunning homes, the show also delivers an abundance of drama.

With amazing shows like this one, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Netflix is at the top of the list when it comes to the best streaming services you can get.  

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#3 Dream Home Makeover

Studio McGee's distinctive blend of opulent yet minimalist, neo-traditional flair might just tempt you to marathon all four seasons of Dream Home Makeover within a single weekend.

With 24 captivating episodes, this acclaimed design firm expertly transforms humble abodes into magnificent estates, from snug cottages to grand manors.

Beware: Your kitchen will undoubtedly feel inadequate after witnessing their magic.

You should know that not all shows and movies will be available in your Netflix region. If you want to see more DIY projects or interior design ideas, you need to change your region.

How to change Netflix region? For this, you need a Netflix VPN and some time. The idea is to connect to a server in another country and trick Netflix into thinking you're there. Advanced VPNs are capable of this.

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#4 Queer Eye

Queer Eye is not just a home improvement show; it encompasses a significant part of the Fab Five's mission.

In every episode, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, and Bobby Berk assist individuals in transforming themselves both internally and externally.

This heartwarming series focuses on helping people feel at ease in their bodies, minds, and living spaces.

France collaborates with the "heroes" to discover clothing that boosts their confidence, while Berk often revamps their homes.

Whether it involves constructing new spaces or guiding people towards a more organized lifestyle, the home reveal at the end of each episode never fails to satisfy.

Consider Queer Eye as a show that not only inspires home improvement projects but also personal transformations.

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#5 Designing Miami

Miami boasts two incredibly popular designers who, interestingly enough, also happen to be married. Eilyn and Ray Jimenez are revolutionizing the style of South Florida, one home at a time.

However, their approaches to design couldn't be more different. Eilyn embraces a minimalist aesthetic, while Ray leans towards a maximalist approach.

Balancing the demands of their affluent clients, their teams of young designers, their closely-knit families (some of whom collaborate with them as contractors), and their relationship itself is no small feat.

Nevertheless, this talented and stylish couple effortlessly manages to navigate it all, while always maintaining a delightful sense of humor.

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#6 Buy My House

The competitive housing market is taken to a new level in this reality series. Homeowners from across the country are hoping to capitalize on a seller's market.

Each homeowner gets to pitch their property to four experienced real estate investors, each with unique investment preferences.

The investors ask questions, explore the properties, and potentially offer the homeowners a once-in-a-lifetime deal — but only if their property truly measures up.

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#7 Amazing Interiors

The concept behind Amazing Interiors is captivating - instead of finding a typical kitchen in your neighbor's house, you stumble upon a steampunk church.

The show takes you on a journey inside extraordinary homes where individuals defy convention to create remarkable spaces.

Expect sincere explanations about the installation of an indoor waterfall or the engineering behind a movable-wall origami-themed apartment.

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#8 Sparking Joy

Marie Kondo, the author of "Spark Joy" and "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," presents her second Netflix series.

In this show, Kondo assists clients in finding a harmonious blend between home life and work using her top tidying strategies.

As of January 2023, Kondo disclosed that her house occasionally gets messy now that she has three kids.

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We all want to be inspired and shows on Netflix are a great way to keep up with the latest trends. There are quite a few renovation shows on Netflix and you have a lot to choose from.

There are both modern and retro-style renovation tips. Choose your path and follow it.