Muted Colors - In the Spotlight

dusky blues

Interior trends change fast, it's hard to keep up! But every interior designer (or enthusiast) on the hunt for inspiration can spot the trend while in its roots. One of them that is having a major moment are muted colors. Last year was all about Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue, but it seems like 2017 is going to be even more stained in subdued shades!

What are muted colors? When you mute sound, you make it quieter. Same goes for the colors. When you mute the color, you reduce its vibrancy, it becomes faded, quieter and partially desaturated. Plain blue ends up being dusky or deep sea blue, green becomes earthly green or olive, yellow transforms into dusted yellow etc. If you want a more subtle color presence in the interior of your home, opting for muted colors is the way to go. They will give you the freedom to play around with other shades, add patterns and texture, making your decorating choices almost endless. Let's take a glimpse at some of the muted hues' hidden powers.

Forest Green

forest green

Green is a soothing and fresh color, traditionally associated with healing. It's the color that represents nature, the very thing we all lack nowadays. When we think of green we normally associate it with vibrant tones (Greenery - Pantone color of the year 2017) but don’t forget its calm hues such as olive, earthy or seafoam green. These subdued shades don't shout to be noticed and work well with other earthy colors such as muted blues and browns. Really, anything looks good against them. Muted greens invite us to travel around our fantasies and make us feel relaxed and comfortable.

Deep Blues

dusky blues

The cold and calm blue is most certainly a trademark of the famous Scandinavian interiors. These shades of blue also go perfectly together with olive green and mustard yellow or even with striking black. To avoid turning your home Scandinavian, add details in darker shades such as charcoal or chocolate, rather than the usual white. It's actually the best choice for a bedroom as it creates a calm atmosphere ideal for a good night's sleep. Timeless and stylish Denim Drift (Dulux color of the year 2017) is one of the most versatile shades to work with. It can be mixed with furniture from any era which makes it a perfect choice for lovers of eclectic design.

Mustard Yellow

mustard yellow

Desaturated yellow can be used in a couple of ways. It can be added in details to make the design pop, or it can be used as the dominant color. If you opt for the first choice try mixing it with gray, they make a stunning combo. Throw some yellow pillows on the sofa, add a rug, picture frames and other yellow accessories to inject some warmth into the room. By painting the walls in toned-down yellows you will create a more welcoming environment. 

Muted colors are not the best choice for everyone. If you are going for an edgier look, this palette won't take your breath away. But if you want to add a calm energy and warmth to your design, without overwhelming the rest of the room, it's probably going to be your best bet. Still, remember - never use trends "by the book". Play with it and make it yours. Only this way it will become an artwork.

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