Trend Alert: Botanical Craze

Botanical Trend

For several years now Mother Nature has been slowly sneaking back into our interiors. Plants, botanical wallpapers, prints and graphic art are conquering our homes in a great style. Besides the aesthetic value, giving the interior new character and making it feel more lively, they also have a positive effect on our body and soul. While plants release oxygen and clean the air, plant motifs clarify our minds making us more productive and concentrated.


Succulents are having a huge moment in interior design! They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes – tall, short, with thick or thin leaves, round shaped, and require little care to stay alive and thrive. So, if you are new to plants they will be your best bet. Choose the ones that appeal to you the most and arrange them in small botanical gardens, hang them in flowerpots or create terrariums. With succulents, you will be able to create you own trendy, natural work of art without a lot of fuss.

The Monstera plant will never go out of  style. You probably have or at least know someone that has one standing in the corner of their living room. Because of it's huge, ribbed leaves it conveys more power than any other houseplant out there and its lush appearance creates the feel of tropical forests. The Monstera goes well in combination with other green plants, so no matter which plant you put beside it will still be an attention grabber.

There are many more plants that could be beautiful decor pieces. Marginatas are perfect for a contemporary, minimalist rooms and Ficus trees and Arboricola bushes mimic the outdoors and create a sense of casualness and family-friendly atmosphere, Palms add a sense of luxury and so on.

Urban Jungle

Murals and wallpapers

If you want to give your interior a natural and fresh feel without the hassle of having to take care of delicate and demanding plants or maybe you don’t have the conditions for their cultivation, have a go at nature-inspired murals and wallpapers. Bring the calmness and tranquillity of the great outdoors right into your home and expand the space in a scenic way. Wallpapers showing plants we mentioned earlier will blend in best with homes centered on solid wood elements. However, these botanical motifs should be used with caution as they can easily overstimulate the room.

Botanical motifs 

There are a lot of different ways to use botanical motifs in the interior design. Aligning rows of prints on top of each other to fill an empty space and provide it with character, or mix them with fresh plants or other accessories such as books. Your options range from simple illustrations of herbs to colorful drawings of ornate flowers.

Whether you decide on a huge green plant, cute succulent or a simple jungle wallpaper, Nature will work its magic and make your home feels like an urban jungle.  If your house is still plant-free, don’t let it stay that way for long.

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