How To Give Your Home A Vintage Makeover

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Vintage home decor seems to be the new black in the interior design world, and retro-inspired elements are taking chic living areas by storm these days.

Still, a vintage home makeover should be handled with special care to avoid extreme stylistic contrasts and excess visual detail.

To stay on the safe side of the timeless décor formula, turn to exquisite blends of classic and modern elements and spice up home aesthetics with a few playful boho, nordic, or eclectic traveler touches.

Here are a few simple tips to help you come up with an evergreen yet up-to-date décor masterpiece.

Vintage Home Decor
vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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Build from Mid-Century Barebones

Mid-century statement furnishings such as leather-dressed sectionals and wooden dining tables will provide an elegant backdrop for your design experiments, and they’ll also infuse your space with a precious dose of character.

For peak aesthetic effect, pick two or three statement pieces per room and place them at some distance from each other to lay down the cornerstones for a modern vintage décor.

Consider adorning your walls with mid-century modern art pieces like sleek abstract paintings, vintage-inspired prints, or even decorative mirrors with a classic mid-century vibe.

These elements will effortlessly capture the era's essence and bring a sense of timeless sophistication to your living spaces.

For instance, you can place a mid-century sofa against a vacant wall to define the focal point in the living room and create a timeless entertainment area worthy of silent whistles.

For bonus comfort, top the seating with a handful of cushions with two-tone or monochromatic covers, and place an indoor plant or tall modernist floor lamp on the side of the sofa.

For final touches, hang a motivational poster on the wall, and place a wooden coffee table with a couple of accent details in front of the lounging area.

vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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Home Office at the Heart of a Jungle

Vintage doesn’t have to be all bygone design and little green touches: in fact, why not combine an antique desk and armchair with dark-hue leather upholstery with contemporary shelving and indoor plants?

For a sophisticated old-meets-new home office look, dress the floors in a vintage rug: the antique-looking carpet will establish the stylistic base of your at-home workplace which you’ll be able to top with a suave retro chair and wall-mounted desk and shelves.

But don’t stop there if you want to achieve top-notch workspace aesthetics – feel free to line the shelves with houseplants and artwork that fit your design bill.

There’s no better way to spend your long work hours than in the lap of mid-century luxury and Mother Nature, wouldn’t you agree?

vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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Office Jungle Vintage Home Decor
vintage home decor
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The Timeless Fireplace, Revamped

If you’re one of the few homeowners blessed with your very own fireplace, don’t let it fade into the background: revamp it instead and turn it into the central point in your living area.

While the classic brick design is a go-to for everlasting fireplace appeal, a fresh tile number showcasing a modernist geometric or botanical print and trending color combinations such as white and blue, light brown, or rusty red will amp the visual value and comfort of your living area.

You can place the LCD TV screen above the fireplace to accentuate the focal area even more.

For a suave aesthetic touch, you can plop a minimalist firewood rack next to the fireplace: now, that’s what you call snug and chic!

vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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A Vintage-Meets-Bohemia Boudoir

Bedrooms are not just a scene where passion meets romance: if decorated with due care, your boudoir can become a melting pot of different design styles.

To create a bedroom that exudes an aura of evergreen elegance paired with contemporary freshness, top the floor with a single-tone carpet that matches the paint of modern-design internal doors to instantly establish the dominant color scheme in the room.

If you want to spice up the boudoir look with some airy touches, you can replace the standard bunk with a platform or palette bed which you’ll dress in light-hued linen with an unassuming floral or geometric print.

For a dose of Nordic comfort, you can leave the floorboards exposed and do away with the common minimalist cold with the help of a faux hide, shaggy area rug, and verdant bedroom tenants.

As for accent details, try artwork, colorful cushions, and ethnic-inspired throws and bed covers, but don’t go overboard with detail as it can visually shrink your room and ruin its aesthetic value.

vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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vintage home decor
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Vintage Home Decor

Discover the Timeless Charm: Where to Buy Vintage Furniture Online

Indulge in the allure of yesteryear and elevate your interior design prowess with the exquisite charm of vintage furniture.

Unlocking the power of nostalgia, these unique pieces tell stories of eras gone by, infusing your space with an enchanting ambiance that captivates all who enter.

But where, you may wonder, can one find these coveted treasures online?

Fear not, for we have curated a curated list of the most reputable and discerning online destinations that offer a vast selection of vintage furniture.

Prepare to embark on a journey of timeless elegance, as we unveil the key sources to fulfill your design dreams.

The Antique Emporium: Reviving the Classics

Step into a virtual emporium of delights where history breathes new life.

With a meticulous eye for authenticity and craftsmanship, this online destination curates a distinguished collection of vintage furniture that spans decades of design excellence.

From iconic mid-century modern pieces to opulent Victorian heirlooms, their selection is a testament to the enduring beauty of a bygone era.

Immerse yourself in their elegantly designed website and uncover the perfect addition to your design narrative.


Kaiyo is an online shop that specializes in buying and selling used furniture. They offer a wide range of secondhand furniture, including but not limited to:

  • Desks: Kaiyo offers a selection of pre-owned desks for your workspace needs.
  • Pottery Barn Furniture: They feature Pottery Barn brand furniture, allowing customers to find quality pieces at a discounted price.
  • Storage Solutions: Kaiyo provides cabinets, sideboards, and other storage options for organizing your space.
  • Rugs: They also have a collection of rugs to enhance the aesthetics of your home decor.
  • Sofas: Kaiyo offers a variety of secondhand sofas to suit different styles and preferences.
  • Restoration Hardware: Customers can browse through a selection of Restoration Hardware furniture available on Kaiyo's platform.


Claude Home is an online design gallery that offers a distinctive selection of furniture, lighting, and home decor.

They curate a range of products from notable artisans and designers, including vintage furniture, custom-made designs, and collectibles.

Some of the categories of products available on Claude Home's online store include:

  • Furniture: Claude Home offers a variety of modern and vintage furniture pieces, including dining sets, couches, and unique decor items from designers such as Gregory Beson, Ombia Studio, and Sun at Six.
  • Lighting: Customers can explore a selection of table lamps and lighting fixtures that provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal to enhance their living spaces.
  • Mirrors: Claude Home curates decorative wall mirrors and floor-standing mirrors in various sizes and unique styles, bringing a timeless elegance and sophistication reminiscent of distinguished antiques and art.
  • Sculptures: For art enthusiasts, Claude Home offers a range of sculptures that add an artistic touch to home decor, showcasing works from talented artists like Ohla Studio, Sophie Lou Jacobsen, and others.
  • Tabletop + Decor: This collection features timeless collectibles, such as vases, vessels, and other decorative items, allowing individuals to adorn their homes with memorable accents.
  • Bedding: Claude Home provides bedding options to ensure comfort and style for the bedroom, with a selection of bedding sets and accessories.

The Timeless Marketplace: A Global Treasure Trove

Embark on a virtual adventure through an expansive marketplace teeming with hidden gems from all corners of the world.

This online destination connects you with an international network of dedicated vintage furniture enthusiasts, ensuring access to a diverse and eclectic range of styles, eras, and influences.

From a Danish modern armchair to a French provincial dining table, the possibilities for expression are endless. Explore this digital treasure trove and let your design aesthetic traverse continents.


Immerse yourself in the world of vintage allure, where history and design intersect to create captivating interiors.

With these reputable online destinations at your fingertips, reignite your creative spirit and embark on a journey that transcends time.

Embrace the transformative power of vintage furniture as it becomes a cornerstone of your design narrative, infusing your space with character, elegance, and the unmistakable essence of a bygone era.

Begin your quest for timeless beauty today.

Something old, something new, something revamped, something cool – your home can quickly become an expression and an extension of your eclectic personality.

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