Marrakech - The Style Mecca for 2018


Marrakech - The Style Mecca for 2018 - SampleBoard blog

As it seems, each summer the fashion industry’s most influential bloggers set their sails to the very same destination on their quest for exceptional photo shoot locations, networking and job opportunities (Santorini 2016, Puglia 2017, anyone?).

And this year, Marrakech is about to become the Style Mecca of the World.

- Wait, shouldn’t we be talking about design, not fashion?

- We are. Read on.

The links between fashion and interior design have always been strong, and as the influence of digital technologies and social media on our lifestyles keep growing, they are becoming even more unbreakable. Like never before, fashion trends are being adopted not only as a source of inspiration for interior designers but rather as must-know style guidelines, already tested and approved by the society.

That’s why we, as interior designers, should take a closer look at this Marrakech phenomenon.

- But is it truly a surprise?

Not at all. We already spoke about Moroccan-inspired interior trend last year while still in its roots, so we saw this coming. None the less, the glory of the trend’s development deserves to be explored and to shine once again (at least) on SampleBoard Blog.

The reason why this trend was not short-lived lies in a dreamlike haze of historic architecture featuring contemporary color palette and striking rustic-style locations that promise eye-catching ambience for photoshoots.

Marrakech - The Style Mecca for 2018 - SampleBoard blogMarrakech, an eclectic mix of authentic oriental mystery and trending millennial pink, gets even more striking when you put dusky shades of pink, lilac, yellow, duck-egg blue and deep greens (forecasted to become the shades of the seasons ahead) and trendy Moroccan patterns into the picture.

All the elements for the ultimate style-driven wanderlust that keeps flooding our Instagram feeds, influencing our and our clients’ aesthetics in a way that is most definitely going to translate into the world of interiors. It already did, but we promise you, this is just the beginning.

As the sun spirals its longest dance of the year today, we wish you a laid-back Summer ahead, full of bright and sunny smiles and fabulous outdoor spaces to enjoy. And, of course, design. And if by any chance your road leads you to Marrakech this year, make sure to share your impressions and design inspiration with us.

With a mood board preferably. ;)

Marrakech The Style Mecca for 2018 - SampleBoard Blog

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