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London design week 2013 peacock mood board

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This is the fifth post of a series “London Design Week: Trends and Directions for 2014″ inspired by PantoneView’s analysis. In this series I’ll be discussing the key color trends from the influential London Design Week that took place this year.

From plastics to wool to wall coverings, peacock levels are on trend for the home. Brighter turquoise levels look great on powder coated enamel chairs and modern lighting - a fun color choice for the kitchen or dining room.

London design week 2013 peacock mood board 1

Darker shades of teal and green are important in the lounge. Soft furnishings in velvets, felted wools and exaggerated knit structures look fabulous in this tonal mix of peacock, dark lime and deep blues.

For more color and design trends for 2014 have a peak at my Pinterest board {COLOR & DESIGN TRENDS 2014}

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