London Design Week: Trends and Directions | Origami

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London Design Week 2013 Origami Mood Board

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This is the sixth post of a series “London Design Week: Trends and Directions for 2014″ inspired by PantoneView’s analysis. In this series I’ll be discussing the key color trends from the influential London Design Week that took place this year.

Folded, cut, precise and geometric - structure and form is being inspired by Japanese origami techniques. There were some beautiful, brilliant and magical shapes at Design Week this year, from folded paper to laser-cut wood and metal. Felted wool and geometric-cut fabrics look almost futuristic.

The Taipei City exhibit at 100% Design was surrounded by a rainbow wall of multi-color changing lights in modern lantern shapes. Students are currently looking toward this futuristic trend. Morgan Bajardi is creating 3D printed dresses that contour the lines of the body. At Bucks University, accessories and architectural concepts were intricate pieces of sculpture.

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