London Design Week: Trends and Directions for 2014 | Organic Sculpture

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London Design Week 2013 Organic Scultpure Mood Board

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This is the fourth post of a series “London Design Week: Trends and Directions for 2014″ inspired by PantoneView’s analysis. In this series I’ll be discussing the key color trends from the influential London Design Week that took place this year.

Sculpture and form took on a futuristic sense. At 100% Design we could see 3D Easy Maker printers in action. Lighting in curved wood veneers showed organic shapes and sculptured spheres. Granorte at Design Junction created cork tiles that you can create your own furniture with. I love the combination of natural, organic materials with modern, computer-generated technology, design and manufacturing techniques.

At 100% Design there were several in-exhibit sculptures. The hanging paper sculpture was perfect. Worldscape from Atmos Projects was an amazing lazer-cut wood playground for grown-ups. Worldscape is a mammoth element of continuous integrated landscape furniture initially designed for Latitudinal Cuisine - a monument carved from its precise contours to provide seating for 80 people.A new sculptural installation at the Tate Modern in London featured a set of stairs that can take on an infinite number of shapes. London-based dRMM Architects created the outdoor wooden installation titled Endless Stair. The work was displayed on the lawn of the museum. The never-ending ascent allowed visitors to explore climbing in aimless directions.