Know Everything About Retractable Screen Doors & Basement Waterproofing

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What is a retractable screen?

Want to stay out and get fresh air, but is the sun a little bit too much?

Retractable screen doors offer the dual benefit of having a great view and sun protection. And the cherry on top, the bugs won't bother you either.

Are you claustrophobic in your basement?

With a combination of retractable screen doors and basement waterproofing, you and your family can now have a well-ventilated living space. 

Simply stated, retractable screens remain there as long as you wish them to be there and hide when you don't want them anymore.

In harsh summer days, retractable screens will provide you protection from 90% UV rays and also keep insects and rodents away. 

If you want to enjoy your balcony space but don't want the neighbors to glare at you, you can enjoy your outdoor space with these screens, ensuring no invasion of your privacy.

And yes, if you are a busy parent finding it difficult to balance out your work and children, you could have these screens so that your kids don't run away to risky zones like pools and gardens without your supervision. 

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These retractable screens have a variety from which you can choose as per your needs, as mentioned below.

Flat mesh screen

These are unnoticeable screens that can have a single or double panel for you to choose from.

In the case of a single one, it closes on a single side, whereas the double panel screen meets in the middle when you close them. 

Magnetic screen 

These screens have removable magnetic strips attached to the doors that hold the grip. They are thus popular because they are easy to use. 

Paneled screen 

These screens are particularly suitable if you have a large door opening, as you can connect several panels to cover your required distance. 

Working Mechanism of Retractable Screens

Retractable screens are those that consist of components like mesh, guide rails made of aluminum, a magnetic handle system, and a housing, which is a storage house for the mesh that could either be of materials like fiberglass or polyester.

The mechanism is simple; where you just have to pull the magnetic handle to get the mesh down from the housing to the designated space with the help of a spring when doors are closed. 

Retractable screen doors can be motor-operated as well, where you use a remote to release or retract the screen.

In this case, the motorized sensors know when to stop, and you don't have to worry about any obstruction nearby as it senses it all with an auto-detection mode and works accordingly.

Like the non-motorized system, these motorized ones can also be easily customized according to your space, budget, and your preferred design. 

The retractable screens are easy-to-function screens where you get to choose the color, shape, and design that match them with your existing decor without worrying about any extra space for these retractables, unlike the fixed screens.

As the name speaks for itself, retractable screens retract to their housing when you don't want them hanging. 

You can fit these retractable screen doors according to your space and can choose the type of door, which can be single entry, sliding doors, french doors, or double doors, based on your preference and the space that you possess. 

Pros of Retractable Screen Doors

Now, let's explore the advantages of having retractable screen doors in your living space, as mentioned below.

Customization features

With the installation of retractable screens, you don't have to worry about having an uneven space or a large door.

These retractable screens will meet the unique needs of your home as you can easily customize them according to the available space.

Do not worry about having sliding doors in the garden area or a large one in the front; these screens will fit in correctly with your personalization. 

Durable yet easy to use

With a high-quality, durable mesh, you get warranty services post-installation.

It's user-friendly and does not require any professional assistance for operation once installed, as it can slide in with a smooth rolling feature without taking up much space in your living area. 

Environmentally economical

The retractable screen doors will save your pockets from the hefty electricity bills that you get from air-conditioning all summer.

You not only lead a healthy lifestyle, but you also contribute much to the planet Earth. 

Increased Privacy 

Do you want to open doors but are worried about privacy? When you install retractable screen doors, you get an added layer of protection.

You not only repel insects but also stay relaxed on the balcony without worrying about exposing yourself to the sun's glare or insects.

Additionally, you can engage in your work and not worry about pets and kids leaving the entrance. 

Good outdoor view with protection

With retractable screen doors, you can give a treat to your eyes, enjoy the view outside, and also get fresh air indoors, ensuring good air circulation around your living space through the mesh. 

Thinking of Buying One? Here are the Things to Consider!

If you want retractable screen doors anywhere in your home, consider these things before buying them so that they match your needs well. 

Manual vs. motorized screen 

Buying a manual retractable screen door would be a cheaper option than a motorized one.

In manual screen doors, you have to operate them with the help of a magnetic handle through push and pull effects, but in the case of a motorized one, you have your screen open and shut with a single touch. 

After-sales benefits

Before buying, research companies that provide after-sales service, such as a warranty, with great customer service.

With your installation company's assurance, you get peace of mind, and you also don't have to worry about replacements or damage, if any, as they will all be covered through warranty.

Maintenance needs 

With motorized retractable screen doors, you have to take care of the electric motor and ensure that it is routinely lubricated.

Still, in the case of manual screen doors, you may go easy with an occasional cleaning process.

So, choose the one that you can afford and think about the time and effort that you can give in its maintenance before choosing one.


One of the key things that you should consider when it comes to buying retractable screen doors is money.

Your budget will define the customization that you can do in terms of whether to use a manual or motorized screen, the type of mesh that you can choose, and the color options that you can go for.

So, just before you dive into the process of selecting the screen for your door space, make estimations about your expenditures. 

Why Should You Install Retractable Screen Doors After Basement Waterproofing? 

Well, you might wonder how the retractable screen doors will benefit you after waterproofing your wet or flooded basement.

Basement waterproofing and retractable screen doors share a common goal: a dry and comfortable living at home. 

Here are a few reasons why the retractables would be the best choice.

Moisture control 

After you have effectively finished up with your basement waterproofing process, install retractable screen doors.

The retractables will allow a great passage of fresh air to your basement area, giving you a dry space without mold growth and the risk of structural damage due to damp surfaces around the corners.

Increased ventilation

On the one hand, basement waterproofing will give you a strong foundation and on the other hand, retractable screen doors will provide adequate ventilation.

With a well-ventilated environment, you get access to great natural daylight in your basement area, thus better indoor air quality and preventing you from any health issues. 

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