Kitchens: Where “Life” Exists

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Kitchens are the busiest or the most active hubs of the household. So you need to inject that active spirit in the kitchen and the use of colors, definitely, has a role to play in this regard. The trendy color combinations for the kitchen should necessarily have to be practical in nature. Stark whites are no longer a “style statement” as the trend is gradually drifting towards warmer shades. Creams, neutrals, and warmer greys can instill a feeling of warmth in the liveliest part of a home. Shades like New Look Balzac and New Look Paradiso, manufactured by Wattyl, are worth giving a try!

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A burst of vibrant color, when used against a palette of natural neutrals or black and white, can really go a long way to infuse life into the kitchen. If the kitchen and living areas lie next to each other, then you may need to choose a common color that suits the themes of both the areas. In case there is a common wall, you may want to highlight it! We leave the color choice to you! And of course, .. to your client!

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You can bestow a sophisticated look to café-style kitchens by using whites or neutrals on the cabinets. An industrial metal or a stone bench top is likely to pose as a concept within the kitchen space and you can introduce the necessary color inputs by the use of accessories. If your client wants the kitchen to look sophisticated, try dark accent colors. Use deep charcoal or warm brown shades for the walls and create a striking contrast with light cabinets and metallic finishes.

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