Kitchen Design Trends for 2023 That You'll Love

You may have noticed the past decade of kitchen design has yet to offer much innovation.

Instead, trends revolving around minimalistic aesthetics and sleek edges have reigned supreme in many interior design magazines.

This has been alright because now our cooking spaces have improved multi-functionality and removed the day-to-day clutter that can drag down the appeal.

So, will 2023 offer anything different? Yes!

The past few years of COVID-19 have helped families realize their homes needed a change toward a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

After all, because of the pandemic, everyone has had to spend more time in their homes than ever.

A desire to maximize space and incorporate more pleasing aesthetics is here, and the following kitchen design trends will be popular in the coming year.

Wood Cabinetry Is Making a Comeback

While kitchen cabinets are traditionally wooden as part of their design, natural grains have taken a backseat to easily cleaned surfaces or being completely painted.

Solid wood cabinetry is timeless, so returning to classic walnut, oak, and hickory cabinets is a welcome change to synthetic veneers and chalkboard paint.

When choosing the best style for your cooking space, explore your options online, not just in a home improvement center.

You may be surprised at how affordable ordering custom kitchen cabinets in Villanova, PA is compared to mass-produced styles in big box warehouses.

Kitchens Will Offer More Than Family Meals

Your kitchen is the heart of your household. You cook there and talk about your child's day at school with them over an afternoon snack when they get home.

After the pandemic, many families needed extra space to educate, work, and play. Kitchens quickly became the go-to place for a Zoom meeting while sitting at the breakfast bar and finishing homework at its table.

In 2023, this trend will continue, further creating this space into a crucial family hub spot for more than just mealtimes.

When incorporating additional functionality into this area, study or work zones seamlessly connect with your existing aesthetic.

Try to keep similar finishes, tones, and patterns to avoid creating an area that clashes or feels randomly thrown together.

Create a Marble-ous Kitchen

One of the favorite elements in kitchens over the past decade has been quartz. It's not a surprise because of its durability and versatile uses.

But, in 2023, many homeowners are moving away from its sleek features and opting for marble. In addition, pieces with dramatic veining are very popular because of the high-contrasting effect.

You can find eye-catching examples of this effect in backsplashes, counters, and islands.

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Add a Dash of Whimsy

It's not just the kitchen itself that's becoming multifunctional in 2023, and so are popular storage options. Open shelving has been making a comeback.

While it has often been panned as a source of clutter, many individuals rely on it to add flexible artistry to their cooking areas.

Instead of only putting easy-to-reach spices or one's favorite mugs in these areas, some have carefully curated their favorite artworks and objects and put them on display instead.

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Kitchens don't have to rely on characterized salt and pepper shakers to add a splash of personality.

Instead of staring at stacks of dishes, prop up a few of your favorite artists' works in hard-to-reach shelving spots to express your interests.

Divvy Things Up with Partitions

If you live in a smaller space with an open layout, like a loft or a studio floor plan, you'll love adding a partition between your cooking area and the rest of your living space.

This is a trend and true layout hack that can provide a degree of separation when everything runs together.

In addition, it allows you to create an individual aesthetic for your kitchen and gives the illusion of an additional room. This is a welcome feeling in an open-plan household.

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Add More Neutral Tones and Colors

Another welcome change in 2023 will be kitchens moving away from sterile aesthetics. Say goodbye to crisp and icy whites and hello to cozy neutral hues.

Swap out that doctor's office of a kitchen for taupe and off-white color palettes to soften the overall atmosphere of this space. Incorporate textures with similar tones to create more depth and comfort.

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Your Range Hood Should Have Personality

When creating a focal point in your kitchen, the usual go-to would be a beautiful pendant lamp, eye-catching floor patterning, or a terrazzo backsplash.

All of these are fantastic elements to add but increase the depth of your back wall by adding a designer range hood over your stove to keep the eye moving further into your cooking space.

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Metal Finishes Don't Have to Match

Tired of seeing the same brass knobs and matching hinges or door pulls everywhere? Give your kitchen a more inviting look by mixing things up.

For example, incorporate different metal finishes that have coordinating levels of burnishment.

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Create an exciting contrast between different kitchen parts to highlight better key features, like your glass-front cabinetry versus your countertop and drawers.

Experiment with tones like:

  • Copper
  • Blackened steel
  • Burnished brass
  • Matte gold tones
  • Dark and light wood grain inlays
  • Ceramics

Change Up Your Lighting

Bespoke kitchen themes will be another popular trend in 2023 that will give you some room to upgrade your room's lighting without breaking your budget.

Nothing feels more welcoming than a personal touch to popular household rooms. So instead of going crazy with the latest off-the-shelf themes and decor, change things up.

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Your kitchen's lighting is a great place to start. Install a striking hanging lamp or an unusually shaped semi-flush-mounted light that plays with shapes and depth.

Create an Anything but an Ordinary Backsplash

For most kitchens, a backsplash is a fairly straight-edged feature with a dazzling tile pattern (with tiles like these from Agora Marketplace) that will capture the eye.

However, imagine if you could create a silhouette using curves and other unusual shapes to create swoops and dips that bring together your range, sink, and counters in a single, fluid movement.

Pair this design with unusually shaped tilings, such as scales or honeycombs, and you'll have a creative kitchen feature everyone will admire.

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Nostalgic Elements are Back

With all the upcoming trends focusing on larger kitchen elements like flooring and cabinetry, you may be worried you've got a massive renovation job coming in 2023.

Fear not! There are also decor styles coming your way that can change up this room's look without the need for a contractor or home loan.

Despite design options moving toward older European styles, like exposed wood supports and cozier hues and textures, households still want modern convenience.

So, instead of resurfacing your cabinets, add nostalgic elements that combine these two aesthetics. For example, create a cottage feel by incorporating antique dishes or silverware, making your kitchen feel less like a cooking spot and more like a gathering area with a classic wood table.

If you've already got natural wood tones, bring in metal accents with a patina to help highlight the beauty of your wooden pieces.

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2023 Is a Great Year for Kitchens

You're not alone if you knew that a kitchen remodel or restyling was on your to-do list in 2023.

Many families want to shift from minimalist design trends and make their cooking spaces one of comfort, gathering, and memory-making.

Sitting around a kitchen table or bar in an environment that encourages relaxation always benefits the home and its occupants.

With the ideas in this article, you'll be able to transform the cool atmosphere of modern design into one of convenience and warmth.

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