Kitchen Cabinet Installation: Everything You Need to Know

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If your kitchen needs a facelift, cabinet refacing is an excellent way to revamp the space on a budget.

A major kitchen renovation project will likely require a custom cabinet maker to design the storage.

This guide offers tips on finding reliable cabinet builders and other helpful suggestions on installing kitchen cabinets easily within the Seattle area.

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The Importance of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens of all sizes need sturdy, stylish cabinets to complete the space.

The cabinetry provides storage space and enhances the interior design between the paint or stain of the wood and the hardware finishes on each cabinet.

Kitchens often serve as the hub of a home, bringing loved ones together.

Equipping the space with custom designs from a leading cabinet maker in Seattle will turn the kitchen into the focal point of any home. 

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Cupboard Refacing vs. Installing Custom Cabinets: Which Is Better?

If a significant kitchen renovation intimidates you or you don't have the budget to transform the space with new cabinetry, refacing the cabinets is an affordable remodeling project.

You can easily improve the look of your cabinets by replacing the hardware, drawers, and doors without removing the main structure.

Opting for cabinet refinishing can save you money, but you may decide to splurge to reap the benefits of having brand new cabinets. 

Refacing the cupboards requires you to keep your old layout, which may not be the most functional.

Knowing how to install kitchen cabinets gives you flexibility in your project and lets you change the kitchen's configuration. 

Choosing Seattle cabinet makers to replace your old, outdated cabinetry can help increase your home's property value.

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Kitchen cabinet Designs

Kitchen cabinets come in various styles and designs, each distinct in design and functionality. 

  • Traditional cabinets are characterized by ornate detailing, such as crown moldings and raised-panel doors, offering a classic and elegant aesthetic. 
  • Modern cabinets prioritize minimalism and efficiency. They feature flat surfaces and sleek lines and often utilize materials like metal and glass to achieve a contemporary look. 
  • Contemporary cabinets blend modern and traditional design elements, focusing on a clean, updated appearance with streamlined but not overly stark features. 
  • Transitional cabinets mix the comfort of traditional design with the clean lines of modern style, providing a balance adaptable to various home décors. 
  • Rustic cabinets evoke a cozy, country vibe with natural woods, distressed finishes, and a handcrafted feel. 
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Ten kitchen cabinet styles to consider

Here are ten kitchen cabinet styles to consider when planning your kitchen remodel or update:

1. Shaker Cabinet

Known for its simple, clean lines and practical design, featuring a five-piece door with a recessed center panel.

Here is a photo of a kitchen featuring Shaker-style cabinets. The simple, clean lines and practical design, with a five-piece door and a recessed center panel, are evident.

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2. Louvered Cabinet

Characterized by horizontal wooden slats, louvered cabinets are ideal for spaces that require ventilation since they allow air to flow freely.

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3. Flat-Panel or Slab Cabinet

These cabinets offer a minimalistic, sleek look with smooth, solid doors without any frames or details, perfect for modern kitchens.

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4. Inset Cabinet

Inset doors are set inside the cabinet frame rather than resting outside, offering a precise, crafted look with exposed hinges.

5. Distressed Look Cabinet

For a vintage or antique style, distressed cabinets are artificially aged and antiqued, giving your kitchen a lived-in, rustic charm.

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6. Beadboard Cabinet

Made of vertical planks with ridges or beads between each, beadboard cabinets bring a cozy, cottage-style feel to the kitchen.

7. Thermofoil Cabinet

These are made from fiberboard covered with a plastic coating and then baked under heat to create a durable and affordable cabinet finish.

8. Custom Cabinet

Custom cabinets are tailored to fit any kitchen layout or style, meet specific preferences, and are perfect for unique spaces.

9. Glass-Front Cabinet

Glass panels in the door fronts allow the display of items inside, adding depth and openness to any kitchen.

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10. Mission Style Cabinet

Featuring a sturdy construction with flat panels and frame-and-panel construction, mission-style cabinets often incorporate oak wood and stained glass, embodying a classic, handcrafted look.

    Each style can enhance a kitchen's aesthetic and functionality, providing distinct atmospheres and practical benefits.

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    Step-By-Step Guide on How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

    Before you start researching "cabinet makers near me," learning how to hang kitchen cabinets like a professional is essential.

    This project can elevate any kitchen and protect your pocket when done correctly. Check out the main steps below. 

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    Take Measurements

    Ask any expert how to install kitchen cabinets, and they'll tell you that the first step is to measure your space.

    Record the length and width of your walls several times to ensure accuracy. The final measurement will determine the storage space you can have with your new cabinets. 

    Remove Old Cabinetry

    Your next task is to remove the old cabinets from your walls.

    Start by eliminating any appliances around the cabinetry and shutting off your plumbing, gas, and electrical lines that run through the kitchen.

    Once the cabinets are loose, you can repurpose or donate them to avoid putting them in landfills. 

    You can then prepare the space for your new cabinets by checking for bumps or damage along the walls and painting your kitchen a fresh coat of paint. 

    Install Upper Cabinets

    Once you have custom cabinets from a cabinet maker in Seattle, you can start by hanging your upper cupboards.

    Work from left to right, mark your spots with a ledger and tape measure, and follow the steps below:

    • Drill holes into the back of the cabinet.
    • Secure the first hanging cabinet with mounting screws.
    • Apply a clamp to connect the second hanging cabinet and screw it into place.
    • Connect all upper cabinets with a drill and use cabinet-fill strips to cover gaps.

    Install Base Cupboards

    After your upper cabinets are ready, you can work on the bottom row by following similar steps.

    Start in the corner and carefully follow your measurements. Drill holes through the back of the cabinet, the face frames, and spots where you need a hole for plumbing. 

    Apply Hardware

    Finally, you can add your hinges, knobs, and pulls to your brand-new cabinets. 

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    The Main Takeaway

    Once you know how to install kitchen cabinets, you can transform your space into the focal point of your home and enjoy all of the beauty and storage that custom cabinetry provides.

    Be sure to take precise measurements and prepare the space before you install any new features from cabinet makers in Seattle, WA.