Top 10 Room Decor Ideas for Your Little One

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As we impatiently await and contemplate kids’ room trends for 2018, the year that embraced soft pastel hues, wood, and minimal Scandinavian chic, packed its bags and hit the road.

We have seen coziness reach a new level, with rooms so warm and snug that they could melt the stubbornest icebergs.

Wood, the most natural and pleasant of all materials, took root in furniture, especially nursery furnishings and all kinds of different toys, driving parents to settle for quality over quantity.

It makes kids feel relaxed by creating a place distinguishable from the busy outside world while getting back together alongside Mother Nature with teepees, tents, mountains, and woodland creatures.

Wood is the most natural and pleasant material. It is used in furniture, especially nursery furnishings and all kinds of toys, driving parents to settle for quality over quantity.

But what novelties is 2018 going to bring into our most precious ones' rooms?

We can clearly see that some trends have enthroned themselves firmly determined to stay, while others seem to be on thin ice.

What trends will take their place?

Based on our interior design experience and a bit of a lucky guess, here are SampleBoard’s predictions for what will be hot and what will not in kids' rooms in 2018.

Color, Color On The Wall...

2017 was all about soft pastel colors and their gentle counterparts, pale turquoise, soft terracotta, light grey, and beige.

Everything had the recognizable signature of these pleasant hues, from walls to plush toys. What was not to love about them? They reminded us of the child's innocence and cheerful spirit.

Although pastels are probably not going to disappear anytime soon, next year will give us a taste of more sophisticated and mature hues.

Mustard and golden yellow will be popping up everywhere as striking accent colors against neutral backgrounds such as gray, beige, or pure white.

Also, we'll be seeing muted greens, blues, and pinks alongside refreshing dim purple hues adorning the walls where once resided the tender paints.

Color schemes are getting increasingly complex, and many accent colors we used to meet in kids’ rooms will evolve into their earthy shades and become the new neutrals.

kids' interior design trends for 2018 - SampleBoard
kids' interior design trends for 2018 - SampleBoard

Source: @homeofthewildlings

Nature, don't leave!

Fortunately, the unbreakable bond with Nature will not snap this year!

This trend has been going around for some time now, probably due to the rise of millennial parents who are starting to realize how much they've managed to distance themselves from the great outdoors in their chase for technology.

What do we actually mean by nature?

Wood is a must – cribs, beds, storage, shelves, toys, and natural textiles like organic cotton and linen.

Everyone's favorite nook, the teepee, is also not going anywhere (though it won’t be as popular as last year) and will remain the best way of simulating the freedom of living outdoors.

Having plants in rooms settled with young residents (nurseries are an exception) has never been a great idea, and you can probably guess why.

So, we are going to turn it up a notch by introducing greenery through large floral prints, wallpapers, and paintings with plant and flower motifs.

Walls will not be the only ones to flourish—bed sheets and other textiles will also blossom in the spring of 2018.

Kids' Room Trends for 2018 - SampleBoard Blog

Source: @cleverpoppy

Kids' Room Trends for 2018 - SampleBoard Blog

Source: Mokkasin

Style Comeback

We will be seeing a comeback of one particular style we are all very familiar with—boho chic. It's perfect for kids' rooms!

A blend of bold colors and vivid patterns creates a different kind of warmth and relaxing atmosphere than the pastel one, yet equally effective.

So, how do you actually go Boho?

First, go wild with colors; they don't have to match!

Get some patterned textiles, rugs, tapestries, and many pillows, and then finish with a graceful and dreamy canopy.

Mix new pieces with some vintage finds, and the room will get that well-loved charm everyone is so crazy about.

kids' interior design trends for 2018 - SampleBoard

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What About Nurseries?

We will be leaning towards more straightforward, more sustainable nurseries.

What does that mean? In particular, everyone will want to go for a look that will last.

Babies grow fast and very soon become toddlers and, in the blink of an eye, turn into young girls and boys. And they wouldn't want to be stuck with a baby room.

As designers, you know how much money and effort must be spent decorating the perfect nursery. And parents will soon find out how quickly their family will outgrow it.

Instead, create a neutral setting that can grow with a child and add accessories that bring that “baby look“ to the room.

However, neutral doesn't mean boring! Remember the colors and florals we were talking about?

As far as nursery furnishing is concerned, reusable is the new buzzword!

Think about cribs that can be converted into beds, dressers that will last a lifetime, and diaper boxes that can be reused for storing toys, books, and other clutter.

Your clients will be grateful to realize that after a brief period of use, they won’t be stuck with a bassinet or a changing table that costs a lot of money. Think practical and timeless.

kids' interior design trends for 2018 - SampleBoard

Source: @monicakarlstein

Keep It Simple

Out with clutter! As more and more parents worldwide start thinking Montessori (the less is more and more room – more fun rules), kids' rooms are getting de-cluttered.

Instead of showering their children with an avalanche of toys, parents will opt for fewer, more unique, and good-quality toys and accessories, teaching the little ones to value what they have.

That also means more space for play!

kids' interior design trends for 2018 - SampleBoard

Source: @hudson_and_harlow


The trend of Escapism has grown to be a dominant influence on kids’ room design. That means creating a haven of calm and tranquility for the little ones.

This can be achieved through a fantasy theme where the little explorers could get lost in their beautiful adventures or a more laid-back, minimal approach to seeking time to relieve stress and discover inner calm.

kids' interior design trends for 2018 - SampleBoard

Source: @andrealingjerde

So, to sum it all up, Nature is going to be seeping in from all angles, with rich tones replacing pastels and their gentle friends in rooms that grow with children.

The quality-over-quantity trend will bring a decluttered room with more free space.

What do you think? Are these trends going to dominate 2018? After you look at the mood boards featuring our favorite products for little ones’ rooms, tell us your thoughts.

kids' interior design trends for 2018 - SampleBoard