Introducing the Academy of Wedding and Event Planning

Emerald wedding inspiration boards
Emerald wedding inspiration board

Wedding and Events Training is an international company training wedding planners, stylists and designers from around the world through their 4 online campuses:

Australia - Australian Academy of Wedding and Event Planning

America & Canada - The Wedding and Event Institute

UK & Europe - UK Academy of Wedding and Event Planning

New Zealand - NZ Academy of Wedding and Event Planning

The group was founded in 2004 by, Kylie Carlson, and was born out of a desire to provide the industry with a formal education program that would give students the chance to develop their skills via experiential learning. Planning or designing a wedding is very different from launching and running a business and takes two different sets of skills, both equally as important as the other.

For many people the planning and designing comes quite naturally and it is the business side of things that leaves them a little hazy. This is where Wedding and Events Training excels. All course materials combine the knowledge and real-to-life training required to be a successful planner or designer with the fundamentals and basics of running a successful business.

The Course Curriculum has been developed over several years with the help of many industry experts. All courses have been tailored for each country, so they are relevant and refer to the laws, rules & regulations of that particular region.

Each year the courses are upgraded to reflect new trends and ideas, as well as to update content that might be out of date. This is so important in an industry which is forever changing and bringing in new concepts.

If you need more info regarding the course, pop us a mail below : )

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