Interior Trends: What's Hot This Summer?

Interior Trends

As summer approaches, besides the weather, the new summer trends are also heating up and are guaranteed to inspire you!

This season we are going to see more botanical prints which are getting hotter and hotter this year, pink and mint, black and gold color combos and metals such as brass take over homes.

So, if you feel like your home needs sprucing up for the summer, whether it’s just something as small as a new throw or a completely new color scheme, here’s a little head start!

Botanical prints

Botanical prints are no strangers to interiors. They have been rising in popularity for a few years now, probably because they get along with every style from pop floral prints in modern rooms to traditional ones in country interiors.

Wallpapers are a wonderful way to introduce botanicals into your home, however, sometimes just by putting a botanical pattern on a piece of furniture or decorative pillow you could add softness to the room.

Introducing a boldly printed bed linen would make any bedroom bloom with life and character. There are literally more prints to choose from than there are plants, so finding a floral pattern that suits your vision is going to be a walk in the park.

Botanical Trend Interior


Brass, whether gold plated, brushed or aged, is slowly replacing copper in the interiors and seems like it’s here to stay!

This timeless material has been used in homes for taps, door handles and light fittings for centuries. The material can be applied to statement pieces such as tables, sideboards, dressers, and mirrors or in small details to add a touch of elegance and interest to a space.

For a modern twist use the classic metal in a contemporary shape such as a geometric candlestick holder or plant pot. You can also achieve this look by mixing brass details with a muted color palette.

Pink and Mint

One color can often bring out the best in another, together creating a scheme with eye-catching results.

This is most definitely the case with pink and mint!

You can say that they are in a yin-and-yang kind of partnership. Go full on with this pastel duo by paint the walls or just choose furniture and accessories.

Pick a color and subtly get its partner in on the action. Painting the kitchen wall in pink and pairing it with pale peppermint cabinets works beautifully. You could even opt for mint cushions or painted table or chair legs for a quiet way to introduce the second hue.

Summer Trends Interior

Statement lighting fixtures

Because we are too obsessed with things like furniture, wall colors, carpets and wall decor, light fixtures rarely take centre stage in our home décor.

However, lighting is a crucial element of any interior design because of its contribution to a room’s functionality, ambience and beauty. If you wish to make a statement, opt for a sculptural pendant, a glittering chandelier, oversized lantern or custom led neon signs.

These eye-candy lighting fixtures will have a big style impact and, at the same time, provide another layer of needed illumination.

Summer Interior Trends

Ethnic inspired interiors

Ethnic inspired décor is back with a large bang! Mostly because of the revival of bright geometric block colors. The great thing about this trend is that adding more layers just adds to the authenticity. You can hardly go overboard!

Summer is right around the corner! Why not welcome it in a refreshed home?